NFT – what is it and why developers want to add NFT to games

December 20, 2021, 11:13 AM

The growing popularity of NFT means that game developers are increasingly using them in their production. But what exactly are these irreversible signs?

“Peter Molyneux will set up a game with NFT”; “STALKER 2 with the ability to get NFT, which allows you to become an NPC”; “Ubisoft is taking the first step towards implementing NFT in its games.” Here are some examples of messages posted on the portal, where the abbreviation NFT appears. This abbreviation – derived from the English phrase “non-fungible token” (Polish: “inconvertible token”) – you will probably see more than once on the pages of our site, because Game developers are increasingly applying the solution behind it in their production. Therefore, it is worth clarifying this concept so that we all know exactly what is being said.

Here is the NFT:

  • non-replaceable token;
  • which cannot be converted here means the same as “unique”, “technically unchangeable”, “unbreakable (fake)”;
  • a mark is a certain sign or symbol that authenticates (identifies), ie confirms authenticity (authenticity);
  • so, NFT can be described as an unforgettable certificate of authenticity;
  • usually to a file (or files) – a picture, text, video clip, etc. – is determined and states that the information contained in it is original and unique;
  • Content marked with NFT can, of course, be copied, but the duplicate will not have a certificate of authenticity, because it is only one.;
  • the physical object can also be equipped with NFT – this assures us that we are not engaged in “Chinese forgery”;
  • the most cited parables are the works of great artists who have been repeated many times, but only a few of them have original or limited collection cards sold in very limited circulation;
  • Images, items and files containing NFT can be sold legally.

Is NFT related to cryptocurrencies?

Yes, because it is based on blockchain technology – for example, the same technology on which bitcoin is built. Simply put, it’s like an online accounting book. Its blocks contain information about both the data itself and the transactions that are the subject of the transaction, as well as the relevant time stamps. The decentralization of this database guarantees its historical integrity – in other words, it is impossible to change a block in the chain without leaving a clear mark.

So, if we read about Ubisoft’s introduction of limited NFT cosmetics to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, it means that their owners will be sure that their digital products are original and unique. Moreover, when you decide to sell them, new buyers will receive information about the history of previous owners of this item.

The same goes for the Titan watch from Cyberpunk 2077 – for 2000 PLN we get a game-inspired, fully functional gadget, from which there will be only 700 units worldwide. But after a while, someone may want to buy a watch from us and thanks NFT – due to the relevant application, the property right will be transferred to another person (in this case, it is called Arianne) – he will be sure that he really gets one of these 700, not a faithful imitation of a cyberpunk watch.

Other examples of the use of NFT we wrote about:

As you can see, anything that is unique in one way or another can be sold as NFT. This can lead to strange situations – for example, the producers of Boss Protocol and Park Avenue Entertainment wanted to distribute DLC content in this form. Hellraiser Chapter For the game Dead by Daylight. The negative reaction of the society is not surprising, but not all companies are inclined to do so. The creators of STALKER 2 did it, but despite the fact that the idea of ​​the CEO of Ubisoft was criticized not only by the players, but also by the developers who worked for him, it is already limited. After all, NFT is a big business – In 2021, $ 27 billion was spent on tokens.

Peter Molyneux creates a game with NFT. It tells me everything I need to know about the people who do it. I can’t wait for them to start explaining to us how revolutionary NFT is and how it allows for the same thing. TF2, CS GO and so on. allows for at least a decade (via Reddit).

The only legitimate use of blockchain technology I’ve heard of is to allow people to resell digital goods (via Reddit).

With numerous criticisms of NFT, some members of the online community emphasize two points (see quotes above). First, compared to people who have been playing Team Fortress 2 or CS: GO for years, this is nothing new. Second, One of the advantages of popularizing non-exchangeable tokens will be the ability to resell digital goods.

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