NFT tokens are a digital revolution in the world of cryptocurrency, and FLOW is a key part of it.

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NFT tokens are a digital revolution in the world of cryptocurrency, and FLOW is a key part of it.NFT tokens saw a huge increase in popularity in 2021. So far, this unique technology is not fully understood by the public, and, apparently, it is not limited to “ownership of images on the Internet.” An important part of this movement is Flow, a platform based on the great success of the CryptoKitties NFT game.

  • Flow is a product of Dapper Labs, behind NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties
  • The Flow platform saw the light of day in 2019
  • Flow Playground (launched in 2020) is a platform that allows developers to create and trade NFT tokens
  • FLOW based for trading You can find it on the platform

In the article you will learn, among other things:

What is a flower?

Flow is a blockchain specifically designed to support the exchange or collection of NFT tokens, as well as large-scale cryptocurrency games. One of the basics of Flow is an attempt to solve the problem of overloading the blockchain when too many users “block” the network at once.

Flow is not a typical blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin, but usually consists of nodes that store the entire history of the currency and check all transactions.

In contrast, Flow aims to create multiple “subcategories” of the network to allow division of labor between nodes, with each node validating only part of the operation.

How does Flow Cryptocurrency work?

Therefore, Flow 4 uses 4 stages of transaction verification through the node: collection – increasing the availability of data for decentralized applications, consensus – determining the availability and sequence of transactions, the executor – performing calculations for each transaction and verification – double checking work performed by executive nodes.

The creators of Flow claim that this level of specialization allows them to participate in the approval of each operation, as well as to divide the tasks to increase the efficiency of each node.

FLOW-based trading is activated by the platform:



This division of tasks also makes processing operations more efficient than rival blockchains. It is an alternative to fragmentation that Flow does not use. Flow smart contracts are written in a special language Kadans.

A unique feature of Flow is that developers using the platform can release their beta programs when updating the code in case of problems. Users will be notified of these changes when they interact with the software. Once the authors have submitted the latest version of the code, it remains unchanged, ie it cannot be changed again.

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FLOW tab

The creators of the Flow platform wanted to turn the local token FLOW into something like a standard currency for assets such as next-generation cryptocurrency games and NFT tokens.

Among others, FLOW is used to calculate transactions on the platform. To do this, users must pay the appropriate fee in FLOW. The token is also used to verify that prizes are awarded in this currency.

FLOW is also a key element in the management of the platform’s performance and future by the community. It currently works as a non-chain model, but will soon become a chain model.

Once fully functional, FLOW token holders will be able to decide on suggestions for improving the protocol or its settings.

NFT tokens are a digital revolution in the world of cryptocurrency, and FLOW is a key part of it.
FLOW / USDT exchange rate. Source:

Currently, the FLOW token sells for around $ 5, although in April 2021 it was even more than $ 44.

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FLOW price forecast

Flow was created for collections and interactive cryptocurrencies such as NFT tokens, which are rapidly gaining popularity. CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot games have already shown that blockchain-based accumulation practices can earn large sums of money and attract major attention.

Many cryptocurrency experts claim that this is the beginning of the development of this niche, and gave their predictions for FLOW performance. However, not all of them are optimistic.

Among the negative forecasts, we should pay attention to the analysis of Wallet Investor, which predicts that the FLOW price will fall to $ 0.83 by the end of 2022, $ 0.20 at the end of 2025, and in February 2027 to the end of 2022. Will reach the level of $ 0.13.

However, not all of them are low, and thinks the opposite, believing that the average price of FLOW could reach $ 10.08. In 2022, it will then rise to $ 33.10. In 2025 and $ 212.33. In 2030.

DigitalCoinPrice is a bit cautious and believes that the price of the FLOW token will be $ 11.10 in 2022, then $ 16.88 in 2025 and $ 34.98 in 2029.

FLOW-based trading is activated by the platform:


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