NFT in the real estate market! Revolutionary Polish project, Flat For Flip

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In the growing trend for non-exchangeable NFT tokens, we have already dealt with projects such as the Bored Apes Yacht Club or Fancy Bears, which focus primarily on creating a community around NFT tokens. Recently, a Polish project called Fat for Flip was launched, which connects NFT with the industry and enters the real estate world.

  • Flip for Flat allows people in the real estate industry to raise funds for investments, while people in the crypto industry have the opportunity to invest in real assets.
  • 7777 NFT, which offers apartments in seven different European countries, can be purchased.
  • In addition, the advantage of Flap for Flip is the opportunity to earn 3% from each NFT sales transaction in the education package and the secondary market and join the community centered around NFT owners.

In the article you will learn, among other things:

What is Flat for Flip?

The founders of Flat for Flip are Dariusz Barski and Marcin Bochenek, the owner of a company specializing in finance, including developers with 17 years of experience in finance and investment finance, including those familiar with the financial market.

Apartment for flip. Source:

Thanks to Flap for Flip, people in the real estate industry, as Marcin Bochenek admits, will be able to raise funds for investments that have recently become a problem. Flat fot Flip cooperates with large investors in the industry, but also allows you to invest, even if someone has little capital.

The main element of the project is to create a community around Flat for Flip.

On the one hand, it is a project that can unite the real estate market community with the cryptocurrency market community so that we can support each other or do business together. Thus, people from the real estate market will be able to get financing for their projects, and people from the cryptocurrency market will be able to invest in traditional businesses. – Dariusz Barski explained.

In addition, as part of Flat for Flip, traditional investors will be able to invest in digital assets.


Unique NFT

As part of the Flat for Flip program, 7777 NFTs will be broadcast, each of which offers housing in different cities in one of seven European countries.

There will be 2 types of housing – main and penthaus. They will differ in terms of equipment, for example, the element visible outside the window, which is characteristic of the location of furniture and the apartment.

Flat for Flip, source:

There will be apartments in different cities of Poland, both by the sea and in the mountains, as well as in the city center. The apartments also have local elements, such as the most famous monument in Rzeszow or the logo of the Korona Kielce football club in Kielce.

Flat for Flip, source:


A person who smells NFT in the primary market will receive 3% of each transaction every time another person buys that oil in the secondary market. Given that we deal with a limited number of community members, expect the price of tokens to rise.

In addition, 1 real estate, cash prize and other prizes will be drawn randomly among community members.

In addition, for Flip owners, NFT Flat will be able to attend conferences for investors from the real estate market in countries where NFT apartments are located, where topics related to a particular real estate market and the crypto world will be discussed.

In addition, a great benefit for community members is access to free real estate courses.

Domestic capital

During the interview, Dariusz Barski highlighted the functions behind the Flat for Flip project.

The market shows that in fact there are a number of different factors in favor of oil trading. In addition to the value itself, the uniqueness of the image we see at first glance, it has these features. […] We will try to make these features attractive enough for our investors so that everyone can pay more and more in the secondary market as they see the added value. ”

Who is behind the project?

As we learned from the interview, when creating the project, it was very important for the founders to gather a very good professional team in each field. Thomas Smus, a well-known figure in the Polish blockchain world, a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics, the founder of the Blockchain Alliance, and a close associate, was also the Chief Consultant. Marcin Zduniak, who is responsible for several major projects, is responsible for development

Road map

During the interview, the outlines of the project roadmap were presented:

Q1 – Complete the team, create a website and social media

Q2 – before sale, public sale, housing show

In the coming months, it is planned to launch its own utility token and buy the first real estate.

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