Mobile internet slows down by 70% during summer vacation – report

In summer, the crowds of tourists have a strong impact on the speed of mobile internet. In some tourist destinations, the data download bit rate is reduced by up to 70%, and the number of trials increases several times. Operators are systematically expanding their networks in these locations to manage this large amount of traffic. As a result, when off-season tourist flows decrease, these cities often offer faster data transfer than urban agglomerations, which are considered to have the fastest internet. In addition to the classic attractions, this is an advantage of recreation centers, especially when work is far away.

The August rating is based on 3.5 million measurements (including 848 thousand in mobile applications). This information applies to users from Poland.

INEA ranks first in the ranking of home Internet providers

Since the beginning of the year, we have seen a systematic increase in the average data download speed of the fastest home Internet providers. Last month, the average data download speed among home Internet users increased by 2.9%. The highest speed in the Home Internet rating was achieved among INEA customers (~ 187 Mb / s) and national UPC operators (~ 185 Mb / s). In third place is T-Mobile (~ 165 Mb / s), and Vectra closes the list with ~ 148 Mb / s.

Orange with the fastest fiber-optic Internet (FTTH)

The share of FTTH tests in the August rankings in Poland remained at 16.3% compared to all fixed line sizes. The average speed of fiber-optic lines over the past month was 208.9 Mbps. This is an increase of 2.5% compared to July.

In August, for the second month in a row (215 Mb / s download), Orange is the leader in the FTTH rating, although other operators (Inea, Netia), whose results have weakened by only 2-5%, are “on their feet”. Following the podium are T-Mobile (~ 168 Mb / s) and Toya (~ 151 Mb / s).

FTTH internet schedule August 2021

T-Mobile remains the leader among mobile internet providers

In August, the average download speed of mobile Internet providers was 37.6 Mbps. This result is similar to the previous month and is 1.8 Mb / s lower than the June results, which is due to a slight delay in the operation of mobile networks. Currently, most of the tests (more than 88%) are carried out within the LTE network. In turn, users of 5G services have a 2% trial share. The remaining less than 10% of measurements are made through 3G networks, which have been gradually suspended in Poland.

T-Mobile ranks first in the mobile internet rating with a result of 44.6 Mb / s. The second place belongs to Orange (39.5 Mb / s), and the third place belongs to Play with the result of 34.5 Mb / s. Plus (33.6 Mb / s) was left off the podium.

mobile internet schedule august 2021

Mobile internet is slower during the holidays

Every year in July-August, we can observe the weakening of the mobile Internet. The main reason is holiday trips, after which the intensity of traffic is transferred from major cities to tourist destinations. For example, the number of trials on the Baltic coast increases by 50% in July-August. This, in turn, means a significant increase in the load of local base stations serving a much smaller number of users for the rest of the year.

The table below shows the average loading and unloading speeds in selected regions of Poland. The data refer to the measurement of the quality of mobile internet during the holiday season (July-August 2021). They were compared with the pre-vacation period (May-June 2021) (percentage).

Decreases in the average data download speed during the holiday season are especially noticeable in Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodship. There are places that are very popular among tourists during the summer holidays.

mobile internet holiday 2021 map

The slowdown in mobile networks is noticeable in many tourist destinations, reaching its maximum in Władysławowo and Mielno, where the average data download speed drops by more than 70% during the holidays. On the other hand, the number of measurements carried out in these places has almost quadrupled.

Despite these reductions, the speeds achieved this season are much higher than in 2019, which means that operators have significantly expanded their infrastructure over the past two years.

It should also be noted that low-load base stations outside the holiday season, the average data download speed in large and popular tourist destinations is often higher than the average for the whole country or individual provinces. Therefore, off-season resorts are an interesting option when looking for a place to work temporarily remotely. Distribution of new radio frequencies expected by the telecommunications market, ie. 5G auction.

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