Legion? He may drop out of the league, but will sell NFT

Legia Warszawa, once the center of power and now the third and last football club in the major leagues, has proudly announced its partnership with NFT.

“The partnership between Legia Warsaw and Capital Block will allow fans to educate, network and build a community. Capital Block has been instructed to prepare drops that will allow fans to own, collect and sell important moments in the history of the club, ”reads the official website of the Polish champion.

NFT (sign of non-fungblalabla) is a blockchain proof of “ownership” that is difficult for ontologists. Property is a somewhat confusing concept in this context, because, dear reader, even if you decide to buy your own house as a hypothesis (but why?) boring monkey picture sign (Also available in 3D!), Anyone can still download the same image. And then work as you wish. No! After downloading and reworking, it can sell it as new NFT.

How to sell an NFT disaster or a million-dollar nipple

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Harmful people say that when you buy NFT, you don’t get anything. This is an unscrupulous way to sue. Nothing consumes as much energy as NFT and is therefore not gravel for the garden of the impending climate disaster. I like the statement that when you buy an NFT, you sell the years that humanity can live to a certain level.

What is actually obtained in the form of NFT? You can trade with a tweet, photo, left shoe, meme, salary or recent Tinder date. Basically everything that others want to get from you. Legia wants to prove that you can replace successes and failures in sports. Legia has recently mentioned more than the latter, but let’s not forget that the reality is not limited to NFT in any way.

Legian’s idea of ​​working with NFT seems particularly ridiculous to me. I hope that Warsaw will take back at least one championship from Poland and Poznan Lex Legi.

Will it be possible to get a token belonging to some players? Bartosz Śpiączka saved in blockchain? Or Makow twins? I only bought it to hang on the meta fireplace in my metaversum.

Does Metavers have a labor code?

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But the players will end one day. You can resell them. Here are some examples of creative concepts for sale in NFT technology: “Mateusz Wieteska scores with his head”, “Mateusz Wieteska gets a yellow card”, “Mateusz Wieteska gets a yellow card, but in a different match”, “Mateusz Wieteska” gets a yellow card as before It can be in the same match, but after a rudeness against the second and another player.

There is no need to sell oil. Take Janusz Filipiak, a businessman, owner of Comarch and Cracovia. Today, employees of the former organization receive subscriptions for the last organization’s matches as part of employee rewards. However, the number of seats in the stadium is limited. And do you know what the potential is not limited? Yes, virtual tokens for match tickets stored in blockchain technology.

Who said that NFT should actually be in line with what happened? Contrary to appearances, the sale of NFT tickets for non-existent seats in the stadium is the first level that Polish clubs can achieve. Let’s go back to the players. Selling NFT with players is a bit like collecting football stickers for a stamping machine for adults, not for kids. And not 2 zlotys for a pack of stickers, but hundreds of zlotys.

Therefore, bitcoin will not be the currency of the future

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While the concept of selling property marks for non-existent matches or even tickets not available for the Polish football championship is something that could be subject to business exploration in the near future, the Legia rulers are unlikely to have a vision to do more. laying the foundation.

Such a thing would sell unsuccessful successes. The token, which represents the Legia Championship in the 2021/2022 season, could already be a consolation prize for fans of the first league team in the middle of this year.

Or better! A sign of ownership of the responsible and careful president of Legia, he is patient with coaches, has a nose for transfers and does not enter into harmful deals with representatives of the cryptocurrency world. One thing tells me that Warsaw fans will be able to pay a fortune for such a trick.

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