Internet in small and medium business. What is it used for the most?

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According to a NEXERA survey of entrepreneurs from 14 regions in central and northeastern Poland in collaboration with GfK, less than half of companies (44 percent) are partially Internet-based. The events of the last two years have put some organizations in a very difficult position, while for others it has become an opportunity to diversify business and significantly increase profits. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more companies are investing in faster internet. Through the network, entrepreneurs mostly use electronic invoices, social media, as well as sales platforms and cloud solutions.

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Digitalization in business

The locking caused by the pandemic, as well as the introduction of remote work, has definitely strengthened the digitalization of business. According to research # RegionyNEXERY2021, entrepreneurs from areas where Nexera has built a fiber-optic network are increasingly using e-services in their activities.

The majority of respondents (93%) use internet payments and electronic invoices (54%). Company representatives also frequently use social media (40%), sales platforms (32%) and cloud solutions (18%). In addition, more than 1/3 of the surveyed entrepreneurs participate in online training. As the use of innovative IT solutions increases, the competitiveness of these organizations increases in the digital business environment.

– According to analysts at the Laboratory of Digital Economics at the University of Warsaw, companies that use the Internet and online platforms have access to regional, national and even global markets without incurring the huge costs necessary to expand a traditional business. Thanks to the launch or dynamics of online activities, many organizations have been able to gain immunity against the crisis. Entrepreneurs who have shown agility and innovation in difficult times have been able to take advantage of digitalization, says Jacek Wiśniewski, Nexera’s board president.

How fast is the internet of companies?

By comparing the results of the latest Nexery survey with previous editions of the report, you can see the growing importance of fast communication in business. An increasing number of companies surveyed are investing in higher internet speeds, and more and more entrepreneurs (84%) are satisfied with the connection parameters. Between 2020 and 2021, the dominant speed of the fixed line clearly changed between the organizations surveyed. Currently, companies claim to have a maximum internet speed of 100 to 300 Mbps. The percentage of enterprises using such a fast connection has increased by 16 percentage points compared to 2020 and now stands at 42 percent.

– High-speed internet is not only a tool that significantly improves communication and online work. Broadband in companies also provides access to information, contact with contractors from around the world, as well as training and conferences without the need for business trips. The presence of the company in the network is important not only for large but also for small businesses, says Pavel Biarda, a member of the board of Nexera.

Small businesses refuse access to the Internet

As described by researchers from the Laboratory of Digital Economics at the University of Warsaw, fast and reliable Internet access is a key tool and condition for companies to participate in the digital economy. In 2021, although large and medium-sized enterprises will invest in better and better technological solutions, the number of small organizations that completely refuse access to the Internet has increased (17%). This is an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous year.

– Our research shows that in 2021, the number of companies refusing to access the network of companies participating in the survey has increased. We believe that this is the result of the closure of small organizations when they temporarily cease operations in offices, ensuring that employees use high-speed internet while performing their duties from home. The experience of the pandemic has shown that we must be prepared to work in unforeseen circumstances, so building a broadband infrastructure that allows for fast and sustainable connectivity anywhere is a key aspect of trying to provide equal opportunities and opportunities. The development of Polish business, summarizes Jacek Wiśniewski.

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