Instead of a permanent connection, 5G is an increasingly interesting alternative

Fast internet is often not only an interesting hobby, but also a necessary tool for work and fun. We usually connect a good internet cable. However, optical fiber is not available everywhere. Then mobile internet is the perfect solution. 5G instead of regular connection? This is possible with the development of technology.

It is true to say that you need the Internet at home or in the apartment. Modern operation is virtually impossible without a network connection. Many people even use the Internet for activities such as watching TV or listening to the radio, or giving up traditional receivers and connections. In addition, remote work is becoming more frequent. This means that at home we need not only the Internet, but also high speed.

Like 5G home internet? More and more often it is a very good alternative

Not surprisingly, then one of the first things we often want to do in a new home or apartment is to connect to the network. However, it is not always possible to get a fast permanent connection. Sometimes we rent apartments on a contract basis, and sometimes in some parts of the city the infrastructure is not modern enough. This problem often affects people who decide to live outside the city. Even if they have constant access, the speed and quality of the Internet may not be satisfactory.

Mobile networking may then be the best solution. 5G technology is still evolving, especially covering a growing number of Poles. While many still think that 5G is just a technical interest and that few people can use it, this is not true. Plus has the largest network in Poland – it already covers 19 million, or more than half of the population of our country. The number of base stations, which are already more than 3,000, is growing every month. Thus, 5G is no longer available only in large cities. Koronowo, Józefów or Szczekocin, even in such places, this technology is already available, which allows you to use the Internet at very high speeds, with virtually no delay.

While many people still prefer a cable connection to play online or watch TV, the latest generation of mobile internet will also be suitable. So don’t worry that the delays in the online game will be too great or that we can only connect a few devices. In addition, the advantage of a mobile network over a regular connection is that we can take it with us at any time.

5G network can be very fast. Both in the laboratory and for the average user

How fast can a 5G network be? In Piotrków Trybunalski, the Plus network was able to achieve a speed of up to 1GB / s, which is currently a record in our country. Of course, this happened under favorable conditions and after the integration of 5G with LTE, but it shows the capabilities of this type of connection.

Anyone who has used any device with 5G network support for a while will probably admit that the speeds that this network can achieve are very high, even when used normally by a normal user.

This result was obtained on Realme 7 in Toruń

However, if someone is interested in speed, it is better to look at the independent tests conducted by RfBenchmark in many Polish cities to see if the speeds obtained by 5G are satisfactory for him. Currently, the leader in virtually every test is Orange, T-Mobile or Plus, which leaves Play in a losing battle.

Moreover, he was the fastest:

  • In Warsaw,
  • Szczecin,
  • Poznan,
  • Trisiti,
  • Olştin,
  • Bialystok,
  • Vroslav,
  • Upper Silesian Industrial District,
  • Krakow,
  • Lublin,
  • Rzeszow,
  • Bydgoszcz,
  • Lodz,
  • Radom.

And often these differences were quite large. Plus bydgoszcz reached 240 Mb / s, other networks reached 120 Mb / s like Play or 79 Mb / s like T-Mobile, and Orange did not appear on the list at all. In Lodz, on the other hand, Plus also has a speed of about 220 Mb / s, while T-Mobile can boast of 145 Mb / s, Orange 118 Mb / s and Play 64 Mb / s. Therefore, the differences are significant and clearly show who is currently investing the most in 5G.

The fastest 5G in Poland

The advantage of Plus can be attributed to the 2600 Mhz band dedicated to the 5G network. There is no need to share the frequency with 4G users on other networks, so you can enjoy the highest speeds.

A phone and router connected to 5G can be the best duet to use the internet at home and at home

Thus, we have reached a time when 5G internet can be a real competition for permanent connection. In particular, along with the development of the network itself, we have more and more phones running on this state-of-the-art technology. So, if you have a 5G router at home and a smartphone that supports this network in your pocket, we can have fast internet without stopping practically.

The fastest 5G in Poland
Examples of phones that support 5G network and are available in Plus

So, if someone is interested in how to connect to the Internet at home, at work or on a walk today, the 5G network should not be ignored. In particular, its development will only accelerate. On the other hand, its opportunities will be better used. It is always the case that software developers follow the development of technological capabilities. It is no longer the norm to watch movies on the Internet, not on line TV. We do this not only on TV, but also in the plot under the tree or while waiting for the train at the station. So let’s always join the network that gives you the best opportunities.

The article was prepared in collaboration with the Plus network

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