In the new game NFT Dr. disrespect; their owners must decide on the future of the project

March 16, 2022, 3:20 p.m.

Studio Dr. Disrespecta started selling 10,000. NFT gives special privileges in future games. Token owners will be able to decide on the future of the developer’s projects.


  1. Studio Dr. Disrespecta started selling 10,000. NFT for future games.
  2. They cost about 200 PLN.
  3. Their owners will have the opportunity to decide on special benefits, including the future of the project.
  4. The players’ reactions are mostly negative.

Guy Beahm, more Dr. Disrespect opened its studio in December to specialize in AAA production and was baptized as the Midnight Society. It will be his first game network first person free-to-play shootermost likely, the arena shooter will combine the genre with combat royale and may be based on Unreal Engine technology.

  1. Influencers and players must be seriously involved in production.
  2. The game is expected to debut on computers and next-generation consoles.

The disrespect gathered many industry veterans who had previously worked in his studio, among others. in the series Call of Duty (Beahm himself tinkered with a few scenes). After all, until now we knew almost nothing about the above-mentioned project.


This has changed as we learned about the game’s first way to make money Special series of NFT tokens Giving special privileges to their owners in Midnight Society games (each with a unique theme). The official blog of the studio says:

In the ranks of the Midnight Society, you will be a member of the Talons organization [ang. Claws – dop. red.]warheads are produced within our society […].

We call this the exclusive Claw stepped option [ang. Variants – dop. red.]. Options are active participants in the game development process and accept it early introduction to them before you can fully play. They also have the opportunity to participate process to make decisions related to their development – among many other privileges.

  1. To join this elite group, you must obtain an Access Pass.
In the new game NFT Dr.  disrespect;  their owners must decide on the future of the project - illustration №1

The options should look like this. Source:

Introduction of the Founders

The first NFT series in the Access Pass family is called Founders Access. limited to 10 thousand units. Everyone who buys it is an Option.

If you have purchased or purchased an Admission Ticket as a Prize, you will be eligible for permanent privileges at the Midnight Society during the said period of authorization.

  1. Pass holders can enter it without any major obstacles sell them on the secondary market (of course, Option status will pass to the new owner).

VisorCortex ID

Each Access Pass holder will receive a unique VisorCortex ID, which can be sold to other Options:

  1. VisorCortex ID is an individual, procedurally created project viewfinderShown on the option helmet. Each has different unique features.
  2. You can use it as approved avatar.
  3. The resale of the identifier itself does not lose the privileges of the Option.
  4. Noted NFT tokens are not intended to offer any advantage Over other players in the game properly in the productions of Midnight Society. When exchanging shots in digital arenas, everyone should be equal, and the decision of who will win depends on the skills of the players.
In the new game NFT Dr.  disrespect;  their owners must decide on the future of the project - illustration № 2


Application process

The application process for the first series of Access Passes began yesterday. The cost of the Founder’s Entry is approx 210 PLN ($ 50) or its Ethereum cryptocurrency equivalent.

  1. This series is, of course, limited. Sales are expected the end of a week and will be completed in 163 hours, according to this article.
  2. When there are more orders than available NFT tokens, the most selfless members of society are preferred The Midnight Society, as well as developers, athletes, or content creators (e.g., broadcasters).
  3. Over the past two months, the studio has posted various codes and other “special missions.” A handful of amateur founders who reach the end and solve all the puzzles can count on free access.
  4. The process of decommissioning NFT often requires a lot of electricity, which affects the environment. According to the Midnight Society studio, the carbon dioxide emissions from “forging” its tokens can be compared to “sending 2.5 emails.”

More privileges

In addition to the above, Options can also be trusted:

  1. Introduction special descents Midnight Society,
  2. Exclusive access to goods that will allow you to “identify other options when traveling outside the Midnight Society”,
  3. Introduction personal Discord Midnight Society,
  4. Early entry to Industry Pass.

Industrial transition

Another subgroup of coupons are the so-called Eyes. They make up guildsCreator of weapons, mercenaries and cosmetics at the Midnight Society.

It is this community group that is responsible in-game economy. Industrial Pass – although not yet available – allows you to join this group.


If you follow the gaming industry regularly, Dr. of Players. Disrespect:

  1. Youtuber Geeky Entertainment, who has written about the Midnight Society in the past, believes that this decision will result in an unfaithful societyand the “golden attack.”

Another popular YT content creator, BigfryTV, shared his thoughts. He recently described the situation to Dr. The disrespect that the NFT Midnight Society has to defend immediately after it starts broadcasting.

  1. Also on Reddit sounds against. It is worth noting that some have said that the Midnight Society has the potential to “get it right” and maintain a balance between NFT fans and casual gamers.

Here is a comment from ThatOneAppleguy on Reddit:

To be honest, I’m not interested in cosmetic NFT, but why is it the first thing discovered in this game? It smells like something here.

  1. Valve has banned the sale of all games with NFT or cryptocurrency on Steam. It seems that Midnight Society productions will not come to this platform.
  2. 13 hours ago studio announcedthat’s already there 50 thousand orders In the Introduction of the Founders.
  1. Midnight Society – official site

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