“I love my fiancé, but after the bachelor night I woke up next to a strange woman. It’s all for my friends … ”- Taken from real life

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It is said that a bachelor party is the last chance to have a good time and have fun before you get “rich” for the rest of your life. I had to learn it the hard way.

“There will be a sea of ​​drinks and warm escorts who will do everything for you,” promised one of the organizers of the night, my witness Bartek.

In the meantime, I had mixed feelings about this plan. Yes, I was looking forward to a party with good friends. At the end of intense preparations for the wedding, I will need such a springboard. I would like to drink with my friends, talk to me – but I don’t want any escort girls and “last bachelor sex”. I would not do such a thing for Magdam two weeks before the wedding!

– I don’t know what you are planning, but don’t order agency kids for me. None! – That’s why I asked my friends.

– Excellent, Michaś, do not emphasize anything! Calm down, you will definitely have a lot of fun! – Bartek assured me.

More bottles were placed on the table

Finally the moment came. What should have happened that night, where and with whom – they kept it a secret from me until the last moment. On the site – in one of the taverns in the center – it turned out that my single night was quite crowded. I had colleagues from work, college, and even high school, as well as old friends I hadn’t seen in years.

– Misiek, how are you? How do you feel two weeks before your life? One of his colleagues joked.

– A man, for a long time! We need to make an appointment for a beer, renew our acquaintance, get to know our women! – suggested another one where I had a lot of fun while I was studying.

We drank some beer in the pub. The company was great, everyone was talking and joking. Someone was already beating the girls at the next table, and some were jumping on the dance floor. And that was just the beginning.

– Well, guys, it’s time to start the party! Move to a more convenient place! – Bartek ordered.

As is known, we finished in a go-go club located on one of the central streets of the city. We ordered two boxes. In the dim light and loud music, we looked at the half-naked girls on the stage, curled up by the pipes. What were they doing there? They demonstrated female forms in a sensitive dance that intersects with acrobatics that professional gymnasts will not be ashamed of.

– Good health, Michał! Enjoy these sights when you have the opportunity! Kacper encouraged by bringing toast.

– Or do you want to get to know one of these ladies better? – Another friend tried.

I must admit that alcohol has already hit my head, I felt comfortable and at ease, but still I was in control of the situation. In girls curled up on the pipe – Yes, I saw myself, but nothing else. I would not let them dance alone or go to the back room for more naughty games.

One day, one of the girls who was inspired by my friends sat on my lap.

– How does a bachelor have fun? I heard that today is your important day and you want to remember it for a long time. I can help you with this … – he said and put his hand on my thigh.

“I’ll definitely remember, don’t worry,” I replied with a smile.

– Oh, you don’t love me? – She did not give up rubbing her breasts on me.

I ran away from him in the name of going to the toilet. When she returned, she was no longer in our box. In the meantime Another bottle appeared on the table. And one more. Alcohol was already affecting everyone. I also felt quite drunk. Slowly the image began to darken before my eyes, my tongue began to twist, and it became increasingly difficult to put the words together. In spite of everything, as a bachelor deserves, I raised the most important person of the evening – another toast, and sometimes had to drink with one of them.

Successive events were shrouded in a thicker and thicker fog of forgetfulness from spilled alcohol vapors. In short, my film was cut. I only remember the only pictures taken out of context: the last go-getter dance, a walk in the streets of the city center, a stop for kebabs, and finally a visit to the cut warehouse In Kacper’s apartment. Something said I would have fun now …

The next morning I woke up with a terrible headache. I felt like my head was going to explode. Plus, it’s a terrible urge, as if I haven’t had anything to drink for at least a week. When I opened my eyelids and calmed the motionless image spinning in front of my eyes, I noticed … a woman lying next to me. I immediately got out of bed. He did the same thing.

– What are you doing here ?! Who are you ?! I shouted in confusion.

“Darling, relax … It’s me, Cleopatra,” he yawned. – Don’t say you don’t remember … Don’t worry, your friends have already solved everything. Let me tell you, you did very well for this sea of ​​alcohol, – he said and got up, wrapped the sheet around himself and left the room.

I looked after him in confusion. I couldn’t believe it! I started to relive what happened last night step by step. I remember the beginning very well, but each subsequent hour became a thick fog of forgetfulness. Cleopatra? Where did this Cleopatra come from ?! After a while, I started to coordinate the presence of a girl in our company, but I could not say where she came from.

I jumped from room to kitchen. There was a landlord sitting by a bottle of water.

I wanted to tell him the truth

– What’s going on? How did this chick get into bed with me !? I groaned.

Kacper smiled broadly.

– What was good? He asked.

– I do not remember anything! Just don’t say we … this … this …! I called.

– Honestly, the tip was sharp, you were weak on your feet. This was the cream of your bachelor cake!

– Divine … But I asked you! I said I don’t want agency kids! I shouted angrily.

– Well, yes, but you know how … Someone noticed, another called, and we were already at home without knowing it … So we gave her a drink, and then he took care of you, he explained.

– What can I say to Magda ?!

– Excellent, what happens in the bachelor, remains in the bachelor! No one needs to know about anything, right? – My friend tried to calm me down.

I still struggled to gather my thoughts. On the one hand, I was angry with my friends that, despite my requests, they brought a lover for me, but on the other hand I went to bed with him! “Magda, listen … I didn’t want to, but I was drunk … And it came out somehow” – In my head I tried to understand what to say to my bride. Kacper, however, strongly advised against all trusts. He told me to shut up and not to say a word to Magda.

Finally, after the wedding, I decided to admit everything when I could talk about it comfortably.

A few days later, before my wedding, we made an appointment with Kacper and his wife for dinner in the city. We wanted to renew an old acquaintance and meet our daughters. I felt like I was meeting on average after Saturday’s extreme, but Kacper insisted.

I was the first to appear in the dining room during the discussion. Magda had to be a few minutes late because she was lying at work. So I sat at the table and waited for the rest of the company. I was looking at the menu when I heard a familiar voice behind the card:

“Oh, you’re here!” Meet my wife … Patricia, this is Michał – Kacper said.

I raised my head from the menu: stood over me … Cleopatra! My jaw fell to my knees. Subject I did not understand it … Until Kacper laughs:

“Michaś, don’t be angry, but we broke you up a bit after the bachelor party … There was no company for you,” he said. – Cleopatra is actually my wife.

– But how? After all, he was in bed with me ?! I shouted, getting up.

– It was a joke! You kindly slept alone at night, in the morning we saw that you were already waking up, I persuaded my wife to lie with you for a moment.

A stone fell from my heart. So nothing happened! Cleopatra is gone and betrayal! And I’m not a pig … Long live!

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