“I am a modest girl from the village and I meet the president himself. I love him, but my mother says he plays with me. “- Real life

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I remember my first day of work. I was very happy to be able to get it. I came from the village to a big city and I was very scared. Everything seemed so strange to me that I felt like a provincial gas. In addition, I had just started my education and had no experience. When I went to the interview, I thought that I would be rejected. Especially since the woman talking to me is very simple, very cold and arranged. But it worked!

As a young man sat at the table, I waited for him to sign again. When I saw him, I acted like crazy. She wasn’t even pretty. He just … fascinated me. I fell in love at first sight!

I don’t know what he thought of me or whether he saw my confusion. When he came in, he stood up, greeted me, and asked me to sit down.

“Welcome to the company,” he smiled. – I was very glad to meet you. Please, the documents are ready as you agreed With Ms. Basia – work for the probationary period and the rate so far. If all goes well, contract and increase for an indefinite period. Is everything right?

I looked at the papers and shook my head, not knowing what was written there. I always tried to control my emotions. It only occurred to me when I left his office. When they returned to the office, the girls asked what and how.

“Excellent,” I muttered. – I was just surprised, because I was talking to a guy …

– Well, who should you talk to the president? – My immediate boss Jola, in turn, was surprised.

“I thought of the woman who hired me …” I shrugged.

– With BaĘka? No, he is personal. I mean, that’s what we call him, he explained to me. – Manages human resources or something similar. It’s just job interviews, trainings and things like that. But the employer is the president, he signs the contracts.

He offered to ride me

I tried something Learn about him, as if it were just curiosity. I hope I’m not blushing!

He’s cold-blooded, though … secret – Jolka said at breakfast. – It seems to me that he is single, at least he does not have a wife. And in general, he is an ordinary boy. It does not stick, does not slow down, and even gives bonuses.

A month later I saw him again. At that time, I was alone at work after work because I was not getting better. He was going He looked at the office to see the light on.

– What are you still doing here? He asked, putting on his coat. – We close, go home.

– Oh! – I was sincerely worried. – And I still have a lot of work to do!

“The robot does not hunt rabbits, it will not run away,” he said. – Go quickly, please, I have to close everything.

I left my documents and packed my things. He was waiting for me at the door.

– Do you have a car? Asked when we left. “Why don’t I pick you up?”

“I’m not,” I hesitated. – Where are you going? As for the city, I would take it. I live in Ochota.

– And on the way. I’ll put you on.

He drove well. Easy, even. In general, he was so calm … He always asked me what I did in my spare time, how I lived in Warsaw and where I came from. He smiled when he heard this near Deblin.

“My grandfather was born there. – He lived in such a small village, Skoki or Skokov … I do not remember. In the evenings, I enjoyed listening to her stories.

I felt good in this car. It was raining, it was very hot and dry here. Jacek – said the president himself – He talked a lot about his family. His voice was soft and soothing. It was close and I would go to sleep!

– Where now? He asked when he reached my property.

– But I will buy, there is no need … “I was stupid because he had to pick me up.” and took me home!

– Where are you going ?! It’s raining, I’ll pick you up, it’s not a problem – he replied.

I looked for an umbrella in my bag, but unfortunately it remained in the hall. Without saying a word, Jacek turned off the engine, went outside, spread his umbrella over me, and opened the door for me.

– Thank you very much. Indeed, I said, extending my hand and saying goodbye.

“Welcome,” he smiled, and took her in his arms for a moment. – See you tomorrow.

I’m stupid, but I was happy! It’s not that I was imagining something. It just helped me. But in spite of everything …

After that, Jacek picked me up, especially when I was at work longer. I must admit that sometimes I was busy with my work … Every time I was able to sit alone in the car with him, I was happy to talk about everything and everything. There was a chief there, here … I don’t know? friend? Consultant? Mentor?

It started with accounting

He often asked me about my classes. I once admitted that I had an accounting problem. The next day he brought textbooks and notes to my office.

“It’s mine from college,” he said. – Maybe they will be useful to you?

As soon as he left, the girls immediately jumped on me.

– What is? Admit it – Jolka asked.

– To you … this? Marzena added.

– No, what are you talking about ?! He took me home, we talked and I said I didn’t understand accounting, ‘I explained, feeling my cheek burn.

For some reason he convinced them. If they only knew what happened next, they wouldn’t let it go so easily. because started with accounting. A few days later, Jacek sent me back. He asked how I was.

“I don’t understand everything,” I said, shaking my head. – I know the theory, but I’m wrong somewhere … Well, the exam is on Saturday afternoon, it’s not enough.

“Or maybe …” he began with a little hesitation. – Maybe I can help you?

– Whom? – I was surprised. – You have already helped me, your notes are excellent.

– I knew accounting well. May I explain to you? For example, after work tomorrow. I have to go back today because I met my cat at the vet. But if you say you understand everything, it’s just a matter of finding fault.

I was looking forward to this Friday. The account is invalid, but He would come to me! Of course, instead of studying on Thursday evenings, I polished my apartment and baked a cake. And on Friday Here I was sitting in high heels. Let it all go, I thought. But this time Jacek called my office at 3 p.m.

“If you don’t have much to do, go ahead,” he said. – The exam is more important than the invoices, it is a waste of time.

So I got up and told Jolga that I had to go to school now.

“Tell me in advance next time,” he said, not very pleased. – You have to catch up on Monday.

– Of course – I was so glad that Jacek will spend the evening with me that I did not even pay attention to his humiliating tone.

I will remember for a long time the first moments I spent alone with him … First, he turned out to be an excellent teacher. Second, I could see that he was really worried about whether I would pass. And the third … Well, thirdly, when we finished studying, he stayed a little longer. He was praising the cake, we were listening to music, and I saw that he didn’t want to go out at all. It was too late when he got up from his chair with a clear reluctance.

“You need to sleep,” he said. – I will keep my fingers crossed. Let me know how it went.

And … he kissed me. It’s a miracle that I focused all my attention on the exam, because all of a sudden all this accounting was no longer important!

I called him and he passed and somehow asked if I wanted to celebrate. It all started that evening. Then nothing happened – we sat in a cozy restaurant and drank my success. But then I he said he wanted to be with me

Here they quickly understood.

“I don’t want to interfere, but let him think,” Jolka asked me at lunch. – This is the chief. Older than you. Of course, he knows more about some things. In any case, flirting with your boss is not fun. You are young and inexperienced.

My mother told me straight:

– My daughter, you are a village girl, and he is the president of the city. He will play with you and then leave youle. And God forbid, the child will come out of it!

I’m not naive, I do not believe in fairy tales About Cinderella. But I believe in love. I see how Jacek looks at me, how he treats me. He doesn’t even draw me to sleep, he doesn’t play on my account. J.and I love him and probably he loves me too. On the other hand, life can be cruel … But who is right? Jolka and my mother, or my heart?

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