How much is a Maltese dog? What is worth remembering when choosing a pet?

How much does a Maltese dog weigh? It is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the sex

Maltese dogs – according to the FCI standard – are considered decorative and companion dogs. What is the weight of a Maltese dog close to the breed standard? It is usually about 4 kg. Maltese dogs should grow between 20 and 25 cm. It is also worth noting the color of the breed, it should be white – FCI also allows the color of ivory. Other colors do not match the gender pattern.

When choosing a puppy, pay attention to the characteristics of the dog – its silhouette should be slender and long. The characteristic external features of Malta include:

  • straight skull,
  • straight and short limbs,
  • round eyes,
  • triangular ears,
  • hairy
  • and the tip of the tail.

Also keep in mind that Maltese hair should be shiny, straight and dense. In turn, curly, frizzy or curly hair is not allowed.

How long do Malta fish live? Do you know how much Maltese is?

Many future breeders are interested in how long the Maltese dog lives. As a rule, it is between 10 and even 15 years. The average age of an animal, of course, is only one agreement – the length of its life depends on the owner’s lifestyle, diet and attitude of the dog. Therefore, it is worth learning what food is best for your Maltese dog and how to take care of your dog’s coat and physical condition. Proper care of a Maltese dog will surely become his life. You can read about how to take care of the health of a Maltese dog on the website Fajny Zwierzak:

How much do you have to pay for pure sex Maltese? The discrepancies in prices are very large and range from two to six thousand zlotys. The final amount will depend on the color, age, sex, genes and pedigree of the dog. To find the healthy dog ​​of your dreams, you should always do a thorough research among dog houses from the beginning. Unfortunately, you can often come across advertisements from pseudobreeders that do not meet FCI standards, ie at a lower price for a dog with congenital genetic defects. Avoid questionable ads and follow the opinion of other growers. It is worth visiting the breeding farm to see if you can trust the owners.

Maltese behavior – what is it worth not knowing?

Maltese dogs are friendly dogs who are loyal to their owners and give a lot of love to the household. They like to spend time with people. They feel safe and loved in their company. Maltese are considered a quiet breed, although sometimes – especially in the heat of entertainment – they are extremely lively quadrupeds. The Maltese dog can also surprise many novice breeders with its level of intelligence – although the dog is small and energetic, it has a great talent for memorization, so it learns new things very quickly.

Maltese do not like to spend time alone. They are family dogs that long for family members, and can even destroy furniture or bite their tails painfully. Maltese dogs are an excellent “material” for the first dog due to their ease of communication with both children and the elderly. They will be a great companion for live children, but also for less active older people.

How much should a Maltese dog eat? Proper nutrition of Maltese

When looking for the perfect food for your Maltese dog, always remember to consider your dog’s weight, size and age – based on this you will choose the right type of food for him. Of course, you will also be perfect for your dog’s health tendencies, so you should look for food with a good composition for him. Remember that a good meal for a Maltese man should not be mainly grains – the main ingredients of the meal should be meat and vegetables.

How often and how much a Maltese eats depends on his individual needs, inclinations, and physical activity. Developing dogs usually need more energy from food, and older dogs – especially those with less mobility – require less food. Healthy kittens should eat about 3-4 times a day, and adult Maltese dogs should eat twice a day. Also, don’t forget to water your dog. It should always have fresh, cool, access to water.

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