Florbol. Olimpia Osowa Gdansk has already won two medals and is fighting for another title

Olympic athletes Olimpia Osowa won the main season in the second division of Gdansk, and next Sunday, April 10, will start the play-off semifinals with PKS MOS Zbąszyn. They will be able to advance to the title game in front of their spectators on April 30 or May 1. On the other hand, the older youth finished the season in the Polish championship with gold and silver.

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Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa Gdansk gold and silver

Staff Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa Gdansk 2
Hanna Sieron, Julia Przewłocka, Malvina Stefanska, Maja Strong, Clara Lucas, Jagoda Maderska, Martha Bieniasz-Krzywiec, Alexandra Hinz, Carolina Madejska, Cecylia Chomnicka, Nina Stefanska, Wiktoria Przewłocka, Marcanskanazlaws Viktoria Prjewłocka, Urkanskanazlaws, Urkanskanazlaws, Urkaskaskovlaws Małgorzata Nowicka , Natalia Milczyńska, Krystyna Lukas, Zofia Lukas, Wiktoria Paluch, Magdalena Uznanska
Coaches: Piotr Ludwiczowski, Pavel Ludwiczowski.

Staff Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa Gdansk
Wiktoria Matera, Agata Poręba, Marta Grześkowiak, Maria Szymanska, Martyna Grądzka, Malgorzata Jasińska, Weronika Kozłowska, Katarzyna Slonina, Maja Słonina, Paulina Bartoszewicz, Agata Poręba, Anna Marica, Marina Bartoska, Paulina Bartoska , Dariaszewicz, Dariaszewicz, Mariłackae, Mariackaae Antkowi Kondracka, Amelia Rogacka.
Coaches: Anna Raczkowska, Jakub Ambrosiewicz, Damian Luniewski

The best junior floorball teams competed for medals in the final tournament in Gdansk. In the AWFiS hall: Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa were two teams from Gdansk, as well as SUS Travel Jedynka Trzebiatów and UKS Bankkówka Zielonka.

They are the top four teams of the regular season. Gdansk’s first team is managed Anna Raczkowska, Jacob Ambrosiewicz and Damian Lunievski he entered the competition from the first place and charged Pavel Ludwiczowski and Pyotr Ludwiczowski in the third.

Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa Gdańsk confidently defeated Zielonka 8: 2 in the 1st semifinal and advanced to the grand final. The result of the second match was a surprise, because the second Olympic team defeated the favorites from Trzebiatow with a score of 11: 4!

– It should be added that we have not been able to beat this opponent for three years, – says Peter Ludwiczowski.

The final clash of the two Olympic teams was very even, and there was no dramatic flaw. Admittedly, the result was a goal Agata PorębaBut three minutes before the second team was leading with a score of 4: 1. Olimpia 1’s va-banque pulled back the goalkeeper and took the lead with a score of 4: 3. The goal was decisive for the match Martha Bieniasz-Krzywiec 18 seconds left. Finally, the gold medal was won by Olympia 2 and the silver was awarded to the first team. The goalkeeper did an excellent job in the final match Hanna Sieroń.

– For years, we have been trying to bring as many teams as possible to league competitions so that the players gain experience. The second team consisted mainly of unihockey players competing in the Women’s Premier League this season, such as Olympia 2. As a result, the girls played more games and prepared better. Not to mention the sensation, we made a big surprise. The favorite of the victory was the first team, which included representatives of Poland and more experienced girls. However, we held a great tournament, proving that we are the best prepared team. In the semifinals, we defeated a very good team of Trzebyatov with a score of 11: 4 and defeated our first team in the final – coach Ludwiczowski finished the fight.

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It should be noted that in the match for the third place, Bankowka Zielonka Jedynka Trzebiatów won 6: 3 and won a bronze medal.

The winner of seven goals, Martha Bieniasz-Krzywiec, became the MVP of the tournament and became the best “five” of the championship: Maria Şimanska, Victoria Kowalewska and Katarzyna Slonina.

The tournament was organized by Olimpia in the AWFiS hall with the support of the Gdansk City Hall.

– Thanks also to the sponsors: Sportpoland, Ziaja and JohnnyBros – added the coach of Gdansk.

Polish Floorball Championship among adults:
Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa Qdansk 1 – UKS Bankówka Zielonka 8: 2 (2: 1, 0: 1, 6: 0)
SUS Travel Jedynka Trzebiatów – Sportpolland Olimpia Osowa Qdansk 2 4:11 (0: 1, 1: 4, 3: 6)

Meeting for the 3rd place
SUS Travel Jedynka Trzebiatów – UKS Bankówka Zielonka 3: 6 (0: 3, 2: 2, 1: 1)

Sportpoland Olimpia Osowa Qdansk 1 – Sportpolland Olimpia Osowa Qdansk 2 3: 5 (1: 0, 0: 3, 2: 2)

For the title JohnnyBros Olimpii Osowa Gdansk

Unihockey players JohnnyBros Olimpia Osowa finished the fight in the main stage of the Gdansk Extra Kobiet. The Ludwiczowski brothers’ accusations took first place in the SUS Travel finish, ahead of Jedynka Trzebiatów.

Gdansk will play in the semifinals on Sunday against PKS MOS Zbąszyn, the fourth team in the main round. The game will continue with two victories. The first match will be played in the opponent’s hall, the second and possible third match will be held on April 30 and May 1, respectively, in Gdansk AWFiS hall.

Poland is in 5th place at the World Cup. What is the contribution of Gdansk unihockey players to this success?

– It is difficult to say what this competition will be like, because we do not know what the opponent will play with. A few players didn’t play with them in the last match, I don’t know, it was smoke or something. That match was about proverbs parsley and did not decide anything. We already knew that we would meet Zbashin in the semifinals, – says the experienced coach.
The winner of this competition will play in the final with the winner of the pair SUS Travel Jedynka Trzebiatów – UKS Bankówka Zielonka. The match for the Polish championship will be played until three matches are won. At Olympia, everyone aims to return to the throne after last year’s bronze medal.

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I can’t imagine losing with Zbaszyn in the semifinals. This should not be a difficult obstacle for us, but, of course, we respect our opponent. In the final, we will probably play against Trzebyatov and aim only for the gold medal. “After the pandemic, the number of voters began to increase, and I hope that there will be more fans in the semifinals and finals,” said Piotr Ludwiczowski.

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