Fixed line internet and wireless internet. What is the difference between the two solutions and what will be the best choice for your home?

The Play Network, as one of the few, has decided to educate those who are interested in this topic on the main topics that everyone knows, but apparently – not necessarily. If you want to know more, be sure to visit the online guide developed by Play.

Wired and wireless internet. You need to know these differences

Today, everyone who uses the services of Internet providers will sooner or later face a dilemma – which Internet to choose: fixed or wireless. Both of these solutions have their advantages and disadvantages, but most of them differ from each other. What is it worth not knowing about this?


Fixed line Internet, as you can easily guess, is limited to a certain place. This is usually the apartment, house or company where we work. However, this does not mean that it is assigned to only one device. Usually, with the help of a router, we create a network at home where they can connect:

  • home or company computers,
  • smartphones.

Unlimited Internet access is usually provided:

  • Through cable or fiber optics in the LAN network.
  • ADSL or DSL connection via telephone cable,
  • via satellite or radio waves.

Wireless Internet, in turn, provides independence when it comes to where the network is used. We get access to it from the operator via a modem or router. In addition, a SIM card that looks like our smartphone. This is a very practical solution, but we depend on the range. What does this mean? If you go to a place where network coverage is not the best, it can be difficult to use the Internet.

How to connect Settop to the Internet?

Connecting the set-top box to the Internet should not be a big problem. Simply connect the Wi-Fi module to the decoder LAN port using the included Ethernet cable and to the decoder USB port using the mini USB / USB cable. This type of connection is usually automatic. The service provider provides the device with a login and password assigned to the device.


Advantages and disadvantages of wireless internet

In recent years, the popularity of wireless internet has caused a real explosion. Why did this happen? First of all, it is connected with the fact that the Internet has become a necessity for everyday activities. Thanks to the Internet connection:

  • We work,
  • we learn,
  • shopping,
  • find the necessary information,
  • keep in touch.

The advantage of the Internet wireless There is instant access to the network from anywhere without interfering with cable installations. This is a very useful solution, given that in recent years, mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops have become dominant in our daily lives.

Despite the great development of the Internet wireless we still need to consider several disadvantages of this solution. This is the limit of data transmission offered to us by the network operator, as well as the reduction of speed when the limit is reached. The quality of the connection often depends on the signal strength. Unfortunately, LTE 5G internet is not yet available everywhere in Poland.

In one way or another, operators are competing to create more and more attractive offers. Among them is the Play network, which offers fast and stable internet at home and outside the city. Thanks to a set of external modems and Wi-Fi routers, we will get a good and proven solution, even in rural areas and where coverage is not the best.

Fixed line Internet. Is it still worth it?

The differences between landline and wireless internet are slowly diminishing over time. Wireless Internet is, above all, great convenience and independence. Are there other reasons for you to choose fixed internet? Undoubtedly, this type of connection:

  • unlimited access to the network,
  • independence from the purchased data package,
  • Reliability of Internet access at any time of the day or night, regardless of weather conditions,
  • there are no data transfer restrictions.

In addition, fixed line internet is often faster and more stable. Only LTE internet has similar settings. The good news is that LTE coverage covers more than 90 percent. Cities in Poland. Fiber optic connections, in turn, are usually only available in cities.

How to optimize your WiFi signal – where is the best place to connect a set-top box?

Wi-Fi can lose the signal, so it’s worth thinking about the location of the set-top box in your home or apartment first. Remember that the device is not closed or locked in the closet or on the desk. It is a good idea to place the device in the middle of the apartment to ensure that the signal is evenly distributed. It is better to place the transmitter at a height of 1.5 meters.

It is also worth paying attention to the high-level Wi-Fi router, which will allow you to broadcast the Internet quickly and help you get a satisfactory range for your home or business network.

The best internet for home

Looking for the best internet solution for your home? The best internet is the internet that will meet your expectations. Fixed line means stable Internet connection and no data transfer limit. So, if you are thinking of setting up a network for your family members, landline internet is probably the best solution. However, there is a condition. You need to check this:

  • There is an operator in your area with its own infrastructure,
  • the distributor’s offer meets your expectations.

Fixed line Internet will allow you to use a fixed connection and provide ease of use of the Internet. Interestingly, even mobile network operators offer landline internet tailored to your needs. Nowadays, the customer often decides:

  • how much is the contract
  • has continuous access to equipment and services

How to safely configure Wi-Fi network?

A secure Wi-Fi network is important at home or in business. An appropriate level of security allows you to reduce the risk of intrusion into the network and prevent adverse consequences.

About others worth remembering:

  • set a strong password for a wireless network – have a combination of multiple characters – numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters or special characters,
  • set your login and password on the control panel of the router,
  • setting up a secure encryption protocol – we are talking about WPA and WPA3 standards.

In addition, it is worth creating a separate Wi-Fi network for guests or friends. They will be able to use the Internet freely without sharing files related to the local wireless network.

Play internet without mystery on the network. Why are we afraid of simple questions?

Apparently, not all issues related to the Internet are clear to those interested in this topic. The Play network, as one of the few networks, has decided to carefully address the doubts, facing the uncertainties of the offers of Internet providers. And there are many of them – 34% of Poles say that the offers of Internet providers in the world are simply complicated.

In addition to the problems with the transparency of the proposal, Poles often cover the following:

  • have no well-thought-out ideas for setting up an internet connection in their home,
  • they avoid independent actions regarding WiFi network configuration.

If you want to check how all the Internet-related issues in your home are thoroughly planned, check the dose of practical knowledge from the Play network.

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