Earn millions with cryptocurrencies and NFT; they don’t know how copyright works

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January 18, 2022, 3:35 p.m.

author: Patrick Lukasz Kubiak

NFT and cryptocurrencies will come – we hear such voices more often. But if this future will be in the hands of TheSpiceDAO, it will be painted in dark colors.


  1. cryptocurrency and NFT-rich team – TheSpiceDAO – receives presentation book for unrealized film adaptation Dunes;
  2. The author of the screenplay is the Chilean director Alejandro Jodorovsky, and in a rare volume, the new owners paid 2.66 million euros – seventy times the expectations of the auction house;
  3. TheSpiceDAO had serious plans for Jodorowski’s book: they wanted to adapt it to a film, an animated series;
  4. The problem is that copyright does not work – getting one of several copies of a cultural text does not give the copy owner the right to create, for example, a screen adaptation;
  5. As you can easily guess, TheSpiceDAO quickly became a target of ridicule from internet users and criticism from the media.

TheSpiceDAO, a cryptocurrency trading and NFT buyer group, has acquired a book with Alejandro Jodorowski’s storyboards. They paid 2.66 million euros for this, exceeding the expectations of the auction organizers by seventy times. Now they want to adapt based on it Dunes. But the last time I lived in this world, copyright worked differently …

But divide everything into key factors and start all over again. At the end of last year, one of the auctions included a rare copy of Alejandro Codorovsky’s presentation book. The legendary Chilean artist had to film a screening of the most famous book Frank Herbertand the volume was to assist him in carrying out the plan and to translate his views to the outside world. Dunes.

The sellers – one of the most famous auction houses in the world, Christie’s in London – predicted that they would receive a maximum of thirty-five thousand euros for a copy, but then TheSpiceDAO team entered the scene and offered an amazing amount of more than two and a half million. The price is even more shocking, considering that significant parts of the work have already been published on the Internet. It’s free.


DAO – at least in this case – is not an abbreviation for one of my favorite RPGs, Dragon Age: Origins. I’m talking about the so-called (in free translation by the author) Decentralized Autonomous Organization, ie. Decentralized Autonomous Organization. These are institutions that raise millions of euros to support cryptocurrency owners in purchasing various items and adapting them to web3 terms. The latter name, in turn, is the idea of ​​a new iteration of the Internet based on blockchains, which contain the concepts of token-based economy.

I do not understand you? Well, I also had problems. Fortunately, my editor colleague came to help, PefriX:

  1. Are cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens the future of games?

To be clear: let everyone do what they want with their money. The comedy of the whole situation is not there. TheSpiceDAO drew the attention of the media and Internet users with the announcement of Jodorowski’s business plans. The first is the publicization of the book in the form of digital copies (the actual volume will be stored in some warehouse, “with a professional insurance service”). As mentioned above, the book would be commendable if it no longer existed on the Internet.

The other two points in TheSpiceDAO’s concept are problematic: turn the book into a cartoon serieswill be used in the streaming service and Encourage cryptocurrency enthusiasts who approve the entire enterprise to create subsidiary projectsBased on Jodorowski’s intellectual property.

And this is true: Dune Of course, Jodorowski is still adapting Dunes Herbert. Although the number of copies of the first is very limited, after receiving one of them, we do not get the right to the story itself, written scenes or drawings. When we buy a new Marvel comic, we don’t expect Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige to allow us to adapt.

Nothing is lost on the Internet, so the situation will be a joke with TheSpiceDAO for a long time. Admittedly, however, they realized how serious a mistake they had made and withdrew from the cancer statement:

Jodorowski’s extensive vision Dunes In the last 50 years, he has somehow planted the seeds of almost every science fiction project. Although we do not have the intellectual property of Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, we are in a unique position to create our own addition to this genre out of respect for the giants who came before us.

Still, spend about $ 3 million to create something purely inspired Duneit looks like a story from a distant, distant galaxy.

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