Dubai girls, film by Doda Dorota Rabczewska, claims

Dorota Rabczewska (permission to publish her name and photo in this context) He is suspected of assisting in the crime under Article 300 of the Criminal Code, which caused dissatisfaction of creditors.. He was not detained, summoned to the prosecutor’s office and interrogated. They are threatened with 3 years in prison, if there are not many creditors, then the possible penalty is increased to 8 years – RMF FM reports.

In turn, her ex-husband Emil S. was arrested by police in the case on Monday. According to RMF FM, he is being interrogated at the Warsaw Prosecutor’s Office.

Emil S. “Pitbull. New Orders” and “Girls from Dubai”

Emil S., “Secret Services”, “Pitbull. New Orders” or recent debuts in cinemas “Dubai Girls”, There is a problem with creditors. The newspaper Wyborcza described the incident in 2018. His receivables are expected to be 50 million PLN and about 200 people who have entrusted him with the money to produce several films. “Dubai Girls”.

Investors should have been confident of high returns in the future, however Finally, after depositing the money, they did not take it backThis was reported by GW. – There are those who can’t make a decent profit, those who donate for films that are not shot after the deadline. Two or three investors paid more than a million zlotys, the rest several hundred thousand and some tens of thousands of zlotys. Well, one person paid 5 million – said a representative of one of the injured Wyborcza. After the publication of the text, Dorota R. announced that she would legally defend her good name.

Dorota Rabczewska also had to play an important role in encouraging customers to donate money for her husband’s production, the newspaper Wyborcza reported. “Investors claim that he was the one who made them spend so much money as celebrities,” he said.

Directed by Maria Sadowska, “Dubai Girls” hit theaters last weekend and was the best Polish opening of 2021 – with more than 278,000 viewers at the opening weekend.

He added: I want to help investors and the team get their money back

Dorota Rabczewska shared on her Instagram profile on Tuesday afternoon In a statement, she assured him that she had fully fulfilled her idea as a creative producer for the Dubai Girls.

– My ex-husband’s second producer, his task was to bring a budget for this, finalize contracts with investors and pay for the team. He got a hit, I have problems – he said (we kept the original spelling). – Emil was arrested on several dozen charges. As president of the company, I received an indictment and probably defended myself in court for several years, he added.

The singer admitted that “stupidity, naivety, trust is paid”, “not understanding does not absolve from responsibility.”

– I was morally ready for that. I want to help investors and the team get their money back, so I took over the account with a trustee who had been negotiating contracts for a month. I will continue to promote and distribute this great film, but SAMA! he stressed.

– Lesson for the future: are you an artist? Create films, not companies. As you can see, I have a talent for the former, – added Rabchevska.

The prosecutor’s office describes the charges against Dorota Rabczewska and Emil S.

Dorota R.-S. A new economic unit in Malta – a company governed by Maltese law – has filed a lawsuit seeking help in removing the assets of a film production company that has been threatened with confiscation.“Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Alexandra Skrzyniarz told PAP on Tuesday.

The results of the investigation show this The above-mentioned regulations were concluded on September 11, 2019. “Dorota R.-S. took over as director at the time, and Emil S., who was also in debt, sat on the company’s board with the intention of undermining creditors’ satisfaction,” Alexandra Skrzyniarz explained. .

“After the measures taken against the suspect on November 29, 2021, he was remanded in custody.”

on the other hand Emil S. has been charged with a total of 45 charges in the prosecutor’s office, including failing to satisfy creditors by setting up a company based in Malta and then failing to transfer assets in the amount of more than 12 million PLN.. “Evidence in the case shows that the suspect did the above in order to infringe the guarantees of creditors who have claims against the company, which was awarded by the court. Emil S. also entered into contracts for the transfer of copyright and shares in film production,” he said.

The lawsuits also cover the misappropriation of property worth a total of $ 8.5 million to the detriment of 44 affected investors who financed the film’s production.The prosecutor said that operations with the suspect were continuing.

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