Dog or cat insurance: how to choose pet insurance?

For most of us, a pet is like a family member. Therefore, it is worth covering it with additional insurance care. This will be possible thanks to real estate insurance.

Research by Kantar Public shows that Poles are very keen to bring pets into their homes. According to the declaration, 52% of us can boast of such a friend. The vast majority, 42%, have dogs, the second most popular are cats (26%), and every twentieth respondent has a different animal. Important: The number of pet owners has increased by 4% in 5 years. Having a four-legged pet is not only a lot of reasons to be happy, but also a lot of responsibility. The owner should not only pay attention to the safety of the pet: he can also be responsible for damage to other people and their property. As you can see, it is not difficult to protect against various situations, dog or cat insurance is often an integral part of real estate or third party liability insurance.

Animal insurance: what is it about?

The segment of real estate and third party liability insurance is very wide. It can cover various events and contingencies, but much depends on the details of the specific contract. In addition to the minimum “wall insurance” required by bank insurance for a mortgage, you can choose from a wider range of options that protect not only real estate, but also household items from damage, destruction or theft. movable items. These include not only valuables such as household appliances and appliances, but also pets. Therefore, dog or cat insurance is a common part of good home or apartment insurance packages. However, the scope of the events it protects may be different, so it is worth considering this factor when choosing a particular product.

Dog insurance: what protects?

Dog owners, of course, have more reasons for headaches: after all, the pet remains – at least in most cases – not only at home, but also outside. During the walk, many situations may arise due to the danger to the pet or the need to take civil responsibility for its activities. The list is quite long: here, for example, as a result of another dog bite or human bite, or damage to vehicles, for example, as a result of fleeing. On the other hand, the dog will be exposed to many factors that can be dangerous for him and require special, expensive treatment. Such scenarios, while not uncommon, can be a huge burden on a household budget. Good dog insurance will protect you from them. These usually include:

  • Dog treatment costs: In the event of an accident resulting in injury or deterioration of the health of the pet, the dog’s insurance will cover the cost of treatment. Usually, the policies are relatively high, so the owner will not have to be afraid to leave a large amount in the veterinary office.
  • Compensation in case of death: dog insurance can work as standard human life insurance. In the event of the death of your pet, a certain amount of cash will be paid.
  • Compensation for animal theft: Some dog insurance policies may also have a provision that sets the amount to be paid in the event of a pet theft. Not surprisingly, many, especially purebred dogs, are of great value and can therefore be a tasty bite for criminals.
  • Help under the hood: Although we associate Assistance mainly with the car insurance segment, in fact, it also covers completely different areas of life. There is no difference with dog insurance. The insurance company can arrange treatment and even take the animal to a selected clinic.
  • Coverage of damage: personal liability insurance will be able to cover the damage caused by the animal. These include biting or damaging other people’s vehicles, objects or animals.
  • The disappearance of an animal: In case of loss of your pet, you can also get compensation from your dog’s insurance. This will allow, for example, to finance the search.

Cat insurance is also possible

Cat owners should consider having pet insurance, even if they seem less anxious and stay in their homes or apartments. Cat insurance is no different than insurance for a dog. Properly chosen policy will also allow you to avoid the costs of civil liability (for example, as a result of a cat scratching another person or another animal) to pay for treatment and necessary procedures, to receive compensation for the theft or death of a pedigree pet. Cat insurance can also cover Assistance that will be an excellent support in your pet’s daily care.

Pet insurance: not just for pets

Insurers have developed a special offer only for the owners of the two most popular pets, namely dogs and cats. As part of home insurance, additional protection can be provided to other animalsincluding canaries, parrots, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, turtles and aquarium fish. This will be a good move, especially if you have rare and valuable animals. However, before signing a contract, it is worth looking at the specific conditions to obtain the appropriate level of protection.

Numerous exceptions

On the other hand, the pet insurance segment is not much different from other popular insurances. Societies can shape their policies in a variety of ways: some will not be able to maintain a certain age limit, usually not very high quadrupeds. Exceptions to liability may include, but are not limited to, the natural death of an animal, falling from an improperly protected window or balcony, contracting selected diseases, transmitting the disease to household members, evading appropriate vaccinations, or contracting rabies if the animal is involved. neglected the owner and committed a traffic accident. The offer of individual insurers can differ significantly from each othertherefore, it is worth taking a few minutes to analyze the provisions of the contract in detail.

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