Debut of fully electric E-Transit in Poland. Ford has developed a unique offer and a network of specialized dealers

  • Ford is already accepting orders for the new all-electric Ford E-Transit. Sales, as well as after-sales and after-sales services are provided by a wide network of specialized dealers. The model is extremely competitive in terms of prices and opportunities in its segment.
  • The E-Transit is already a well-equipped car in the basic version with innovative technology and automatic transmission. Ford’s first all-electric van also offers many practical features, such as the ability to drive power tools directly from the car.
  • There are 22 variants of the car in Poland, but its capabilities do not end there. E-Transit can be built almost to the same extent as its combustion analogue.

– Ford Transit represents a segment of commercial vehicles in which the brand is an important player in the United States, Europe and Poland. Given our electrification strategy, it is clear that our portfolio should include a full supply of electricity. E-Transit offers customers not only low operating costs, but also innovative technologies that will allow them to increase the efficiency of their business. In addition to this versatility, body options and load-bearing capacity comparable to the internal combustion Transit, we have no doubt that the car will succeed in the market – said Piotr Pawlak, President and CEO of Ford Polska.

Timeless elegance in the electric version

The Ford E-Transit is the electric version of one of the best-selling vans in the world. This also means that in addition to all the best features, it has also captured its timeless look. The only visual feature of the electric version is the grille, which is distinguished by blue molds. There is no change in the body itself compared to the internal combustion version.

As with the car’s combustion version, the E-Transit offers a wide range of equipment as standard. It has EATC automatic air conditioning, 12-inch SYNC 4 infotainment system display, electric handbrake with AutoHold, push-button activation or E-Shifter, rotary switch selector. The functionality of the basic version is complemented by the vinyl floor of the cargo compartment. Optionally, there is a Pro Power OnBoard, a system that can be turned into a car power source. Provides a maximum of 2.3 kW of power, so you can use power tools without a stationary power source, for example.

With the introduction of the first fully electric delivery van to the market, Ford also focused on safety issues. The E-Transit is available with an automatic reversing function when reversing, and this function is associated with a 360-degree camera.

The most important thing is that the car’s batteries are placed under the floor, so that the cargo space with a maximum capacity of 15.1 m³ is not damaged in any way. The changes affected the improved suspension – the springs of the Transit combustion version were replaced by a polygonal rear suspension.

Technology directly from Mustang Mach-E

At the heart of the car’s interior is the SYNC 4 infotainment system with a 12-inch touch screen. It is currently Ford’s most advanced communications and entertainment system. One of its most important features is the Ford Power-Up wireless upgrades, which allow the car to be upgraded over the years and offer features that were not available at the time of purchase. The computing power of the system is twice that of SYNC 3. E-Transit has built-in satellite navigation, and the system also provides information on transport, fuel and energy prices, available parking spaces, and above all, calculates the route. taking into account the range of the car.

SYNC, which is very important in the daily operation of an electric delivery vehicle, allows you to schedule a charging schedule for certain days of the week. The system also allows you to set a certain temperature in the car during loading, which means that the power to heat the cabin is taken from the mains, so when you start, the battery will be 100% charged. This functionality is compatible with the FordPass Pro, an advanced solution that allows you to drive up to 12 cars and continuously control 5 cars thanks to the program. The application provides real-time alerts about cars and also provides detailed information about their status. It can also be used to remotely open and close the car, and even to start the car.

The car can be charged with alternating current (up to 11.3 kW) and direct current. It takes 8.2 hours to charge a car from 0 to 100% alternating current at 11.3 kW, and 34 minutes to charge it from 15 to 80% with 115 kW DC.

Ford’s comprehensive offer in Poland

Ford Polska has developed a very rich and diverse offer, which includes 22 variants of the car. All of them are equipped with underground batteries with a capacity of 67 kW / h.

The car is available in three body styles – van, brigade van and single-cab chassis. Each version is available in two engine versions with 184 horsepower or 269 horsepower. In both cases, the maximum torque is 430 Nm and the drive is transmitted to the rear wheels.

The car as a minibus is available in two series – 350 (total permissible weight 3500 kg) and 425 (total permissible total weight 4250 kg). There are also two roof heights: H2 (medium) and H3 (high), as well as three wheelbase options: L2 (medium), L3 (long) and L4 (long – long body). The load of the car varies from 720 kg for the 350 L3H2 version to 1630 kg for the 425 L3H2 version.

The E-Transit brigade van has a total vehicle weight of 4250 kg and an L3 wheelbase. You can choose the height of the roof – H2 and H3. The E-Transit single-cab chassis is available in both the 350 and 425 series. There is also a choice of wheelbase – L3 and L4.

The range of versions available in Poland varies from 240 km for the 350 L4H3 version to 308 km for the 425 L4H3 version. E-Transit’s charging schedule allows you to charge your car before it starts. This allows you to achieve the optimal temperature of the battery and thus maximize the range of the car.

Prices for the model start at 226,770 PLN (VAT-free retail price) for the E-Transit version, 350 L3 series chassis and 184-horsepower electric motor. The price list for a minibus starts from 233,775 PLN, and for a brigade van from 245,660 PLN. It is an extremely competitive offer in this segment, especially considering the car’s performance, capabilities and standard equipment. The car in the 350 series versions (car category N1) is eligible for subsidies from the “My electrician” program. Co-financing can be as high as 70,000 PLN.

Ability to install it as in an internal combustion engine

The all-electric E-Transit is designed to look like a car with an internal combustion engine. This means that the construction options are almost the same as the classic Transit – any typical construction is allowed. Thus, there is no need to design and manufacture components specific to the electric version, and thus the cost of superstructures will be the same as the cost of internal combustion vehicles. In addition, existing Transit users in the Van body will be able to switch to a fully electric version, often moving the superstructure from the currently used car.

The main difference in terms of the body is only the configuration of the electrical system, but this issue does not affect the use of the car. The body is powered by a battery or auxiliary batteries located under the driver’s seat. This means that the car’s high-voltage battery is not charged by these movements and the body does not directly affect the range of the car.
Private dealer network

Ford Polska accepts orders for fully electric E-Transit through a network of specialized BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) dealers. In total, this is 35 points, including 27 points with the status of the Transit Center. The brand provides full after-sales and service for electric cars.

The standard car warranty is 2 years without driving restrictions. However, the warranty for high voltage components is up to 8 years or 160,000 km. These components include, among others, Electric Drive Installation, High Voltage Battery Charger (without brackets), DC / DC Inverter, Transmission Inverter Control Module. The warranty covers the maintenance of 70% high-voltage battery capacity for van and brigade versions, and 65% for chassis-cab versions.

The first deliveries of E-Transit to Poland will take place in the fourth quarter of 2022. At the end of March 2022, a test program will be launched, under which customers will be able to test these cars in real working conditions of their companies.

– The recent changes clearly show the direction of the company – we want to be a leader in the market of electrified cars, and E-Transit will help us a lot to achieve this goal. All work will be coordinated in two organizational units that will be responsible for the future of the brand, the Ford Model e and the Ford Pro. By 2026, we plan to sell 2 million electric vehicles worldwide to make a real contribution to reducing waste and improving the quality of life on our planet, said Piotr Pawlak, President and CEO of Ford Polska.

Press release for Ford Polska

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