Consider the bombing on Steam; Storybook Brawl hit NFT

March 31, 2022, at 2:15 p.m.

Storybook Brawl was full of negative customer reviews on Steam. All because the creators of this title were bought by a cryptocurrency company.

The phenomenon of “tracking bombardment” is a tool most often used by gamers, a most visible tool for developers and other members of society to express dissatisfaction with a particular game or some of its elements or its actions. creators. He was the victim of such a massive negative feedback campaign on Steam recently Story Book War.

What is Storybook Brawl?

Story Book War Good Luck Games is a free card game developed by the studio, the rules of which are somewhat similar to the Battlefield mode. Hearthstone. During the game, we play the role of one of the existing heroes with individual abilities, and for gold we attract new minions, many of whom are well known from fairy tales and myths. We line up the midfielders and watch how they fight in automatic clashes with rival teams.

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Storybook Brawl is full of fairy tale characters.

The title may not be the largest, but it is included on a regular basis peak moments More than 1,000 people spend the day there. He also received positive notes for a long time. However, in the last 30 days, players gave 725 reviews about this production, of which only 17% were positive. What irritated the fans?

NFT enters the game

Well, last week FTX announced the acquisition of the creators of the US cryptocurrency exchange Story Book Warthat is, Good Luck Games studio. In a statement, the new owner said it was an excellent opportunity for him to “be at the forefront of the ethical integration of games and cryptocurrency transactions” (via PC Gamer).

Founder Matthew Place also spoke about it Luck Games. In a special video (see below), he emphasized this The purchase is an opportunity to increase the studio’s budget. He also admitted that he did not yet know how to use blockchain technology Story Book War. However, he stressed that it would be “ethical” and “entertaining the players.”

Angry players

This did not calm the audience. Exhibitors negative feedback According to Steam, although they enjoy the game, they refuse it due to the upcoming integration with cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at a few opinions.

The excellent, entertaining F2P game was sold to crypto blackmailers who said they would “check non-cosmetic NFTs” on Discord servers.

I don’t know enough about cryptocurrency to know what that means, but I understand it enough to know that my favorite game with its atmosphere, polished game, and small but beautiful community is now in people’s hands. Those who want to use it as a tool to implement their plans – plans that I and many others do not want to participate.

Good Luck Games was acquired by FTX, a cryptocurrency company, to “help cryptocurrencies reach players.” I don’t want it to have anything to do with it, and I don’t want cryptocurrencies to “go barefoot” on issues that interest me. Deleted.

This is incredibly disappointing Story Book War It was sold to a cryptocurrency exchange company after it became one of my favorite automatic warrior games after its release last year. Hearthstone (Due to Activision Blizzard’s involvement in some dubious experiments).

There is no practical application for cryptocurrencies or NFT that cannot be replaced by more effective and less volatile means, and they exist only as a way to spend money on speculative assets and benefit customers through a system that has microtransactions on steroids.

NFT traders will refer to things like whether assets can be retained even after the game is over, or similar bold and impractical claims. In fact, when the NFT game closes, the proof that you already have these non-functioning resources is completely worthless, and at best, the value of those resources will immediately drop to zero because the product is already officially supported. It is likely that in the scenario, an attempt to continue using these digital assets after the game closes will face a copyright lawsuit, as many attempts to recreate the old games have done today.

Consider the bombing on Steam;  Storybook Brawl Hit the NFT - Illustration № 2

Storybook Brawl has provided a lot of entertainment for many players.

Interestingly, one of the opinions says that although the issuer supports the application of NFT in the game, He was called when he stepped on the Discord headline to explain his point to the public. Therefore, it gives a negative rating on how it is treated (via PC Gamer).

Ban games on Steam?

There were even rumors that the game will be removed from Steam. It’s all because it violates the rules of this platform, which explicitly states that you can’t publish programs based on blockchain technology that distributes or allows cryptocurrency or NFT exchanges. Therefore, it is possible that all this operation, instead of benefiting the creators, will only create problems for them.

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