Cat Laser – Can It Be Dangerous?

With the arrival of a new member of the household, the owner must buy a number of accessories that make up the cat’s bed. While items like trash cans, trash, food, or scratch poles come first, toys for a four-legged friend are also an important part of the equipment. Many of them are traditional fabric mice, balls, fishing rods or tunnels. Lasers are also very popular for playing with cats. How does it work and is it really safe?

Laser toys are loved by most pets. Cats eagerly follow the bright spot, and a wide selection of different models allows you to diversify the fun. Not being able to hold the light means that pets can play for long hours. However, behaviors warn against overuse of the gadget. Can a laser cat toy be harmful?

Cat laser and its types

There is a wide selection of different models of cat lasers on the market. Many of them require the participation of the owner who holds the indicator and manages it freely. There are also stationary devices that allow your pet to play independently. Where can I get a cat laser? Different types of models are available in well-assembled pets and online stores. Red light is an extremely attractive stimulus for a pet, trying to catch it at any cost, but it does not always work. That’s why laser cat toys have become so popular. What models can you see in stores?

  • Laser indicator – For a cat focusing on the air behind a red light, the shape of the beam does not matter much. Many models of this type take the form of mice, while others are traditional indicators. Their size is adjusted to the size of the hand. It is very important when using a laser that never direct the light beam into the pet’s eyes or other people. Its action is harmful and can cause irritation.
  • Laser with LED light – Even the cheapest versions require the presence of the owner who controls the tool. The resulting light is safe for the eyes, but difficult to see in very sunny rooms. Since the combination of cat and laser is a guarantee of long hours of fun, make sure the gadget has replaceable batteries.
  • Automatic versions – in the form of portable devices that emit light rays (one or two, depending on the model) when activated and placed in a certain place. An automatic timer creates random patterns by moving them over walls and floors. A useful feature is a timer that can be set to one of the selected times. Some versions, for example, close automatically after 15 minutes. Thanks to this, the owner does not have to watch the game time. Although the laser is a great toy for your cat, it should not be burned for more than 20 minutes a day.
  • Laser ball – An interesting variant of the automatic version is a rolling ball that emits light. After hitting an obstacle, it changes direction, which makes quadrupeds even more interesting. You may be able to turn off the light without stopping the ball from rolling. It is worth using if the game lasts more than 20 minutes.

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Cat laser – the advantages and disadvantages of using a toy

The popularity of the toy is due to the stimulation of the hunting instinct of quadrupeds. Cats love to hunt and chase their rivals, and changing lights is a real problem for them. This allows, because the game process itself is extremely important for the pet to keep him in good physical and mental condition. Being active also makes it possible stress relief. To achieve these results, the hunt must be successful – to catch prey. Here, in turn, there is a doubt as to whether the laser cat toy is safe. As a result of following a ray of light, your pet will always be in a losing position. Behaviors warn of the consequences of such actions. Frequent play with a laser, which results in the failure of a four-legged friend, can lead to frustration and increased stress. It should be noted that cats are very fragile, weak-hearted animals. Defeats have a negative effect on them, causing apathy and giving up hunting. This, in turn, will make the pet feel unhappy and will most likely cause health problems. Another point to note is game time. The sessions longer than 20 minutes mentioned above will be very tiring for a cat who can’t give up hunting on his own while playing with a laser. Due to the lack of such training, too much physical effort is not recommended for a pet. A responsible hostess should know when to stop playing, even if the cat seems to admire it. Can a cat laser be a safe toy? Yes, if used as recommended and not the main part of the game, but an addition to it. You should also remember to reward the animal with a treat after the hunt, so that he will feel that the hunt is successful. Before turning off the laser, you can turn the light on one of the toys, allowing the cat to pick it up.

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