Cat Island – a dream come true for every cat fan?

do you like cats And board games? Then you should check out Cat Island – a board game that combines the two perfectly.

Who loves cats? I think everyone raises their hands at this time. I love cats myself. In fact, I even share an apartment with one of them – you may know about it, because it appears in photos for my articles from time to time.

My point is that cats are great, so today I’m going to tell you about a game in which they play a major role. I say here Cat Islandfell on the shelves of Polish stores through the publishing house Lucky Duck Games.

Is the plot here?

On Cat Island we will try save a breed of wise, magical cats As Lord Vesh travels the world against the Blackhand army, they leave chaos and destruction in their path. We have exactly five days to leave the main island with nothing but ashes. So you should not fold your arms, loaded onto the ship go as far as you can – as best you can.

Cat Island - a dream come true for every cat fan?

As is often the case in board games, the above The story line is just an excuse to score as many points as possible. How do we get them? In several ways. First of all, we try to fit as many cats and treasures as possible on our ship. The problem is that it is not as simple as it seems.

It’s time to save the cats!

The game itself is divided five lapswhich in turn consists of each round several stages. These are the three most important reconnaissance phase, cat rescue and findings. In the first, each player draws seven cards. We leave the two and give the rest to the person on the left. We take five cards from the player on the right, delete two of them again, and pass the rest over and over again. We can keep the cards of our choice and use them in the course of the next game … if anywe pay them with the fish caught at the beginning of the tour.

Cat Island - a dream come true for every cat fan?

Why do we need cards? There will be some need to save the cats. Part of it lesson cardsthat is, special tasks that can bring us extra points. Classes can be shared both individually and by all players. Finally, some are a treasure, while others will bring us small bonuses, for example, in the form of extra fish. Short: cards are valid and we can’t do much without them.

During the cat rescue phase, we will … rescue the cats. In each round We draw a few cat tiles going to the general market. All players take turns taking one and trying to place them wisely on their ships. But no matter how simple, no cat will come to us like that! We must do it first pay the cost with fish – yes, the same fish we had to get the card before – and then Use a basket card or tokensomehow to carry this cat. So our choices are very limitedand you still have to find a place on the ship for every four-legged friend!

As you can guess, because this last job is not easy Cats on Cat Island look like Tetris plates. You just know, it’s not the simple things we’re used to. No no! Here, cats – like cats – take the most complex poses, and we have to combine everything somehow, but at the same time remember that just laying tiles will not give you any points.

Cat Island - a dream come true for every cat fan?

Goal cats should be given to families, consists of at least three individuals of the same color. We must not forget to fill all the rooms tightly and cover all the rats, otherwise we will take it penalty points. If we still don’t think much, lesson cards offer additional goals that we need to achieve – and it’s worth doing, because they often decide to win.

Finally, during the discovery phase, we will have the opportunity to board the ship treasures and Oshaxy, that is, special cats that play the role of a joker. Both are great for filling in gaps and can bring you a lot of extra points.

We repeat the whole process five times during the next rounds. Collect points at the end of the game and The winner is the player with the most.

Explosive mechanical mixture

So everything seems complicated? I will not lie – a little. Cat Island may not be a difficult game, but most family games have a slightly higher entry limit. Before I wondered why, I needed a few parties. But when you do, the fun is really great.

Cat Island - a dream come true for every cat fan?

The creators of Kotov Island were able to achieve a very difficult art: they combined several different mechanics into a sequential whole, which were very simple in isolation. It’s not just a game where we make tiles or try to complete the strongest set of cards. If we want to win, we must pay attention to both, choose the right classes, skillfully balance resources, and save on cats that will bring us closer to achieving our goals.

In practice, this is added to a relatively simple but very pleasant riddle. Perhaps this is not a title that will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes of board players – just because there is a certain randomness that must be taken into account at each stage. However, it’s a great game to play with family or with people who are looking for something a little more ambitious, but don’t want to throw themselves into the colossus like Brass or Mars Terraformation.

Cat Island - a dream come true for every cat fan?

And you don’t have to throw yourself into deep water right away. The creators of Cat Island also thought of something simpler family option – It is right if we want to play with children. also solo variantif we prefer to play alone.

Not just for cat lovers

It should be noted that in addition to a pleasant game, Cat Island is attractive high quality workmanship. In the box you will find many cards for each player, your favorite wooden cat markers and solid cardboard boards. It really makes a great impression on the table. The graphic design itself is somewhat uneven. On the one hand, we have really cute cat illustrations, and on the other hand … anyway, look at the pictures of the shell and the cards and you will probably understand what it is.

Cat Island - a dream come true for every cat fan?

But no matter what you think about the graphics, Cat Island is really worth playing. You don’t even need to love cats (but are there people who are serious?). All you have to do is like unusual puzzles at the table that can give everyone a lot of fun.

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