Cat food – dry or wet? The most common mistakes and myths

It is estimated that about 14 million dogs and cats live under the same roof. For this reason, the market for animal products has grown significantly – its value has already exceeded in recent years. five billion zlotys. The lion’s share of this amount is the sale of pet food.

Unfortunately, when you first go to a better local store or supermarket, you will most likely encounter cat food for a long time. they can even harm our pets.

The main mistake of cat owners is to use dry food in their diet. It is easy to maintain and has a long shelf life, because it is the most convenient for us humans. It is enough to pour the granules into a bowl and feed the quadrupeds. Popular dry foods are also cheaper than canned alternatives. But they can be used fatal consequences for our pets.

The use of dry food in the diet of cats can cause obesity and diabetes animals. This is one of the most common diseases affecting domestic cats. Felis catusPeople who regularly eat dry food are also more likely to suffer from kidney and urinary tract diseases. Dry granular mixtures allow cats to remain dehydrated. Consumption of dry foods – contrary to their predatory nature – significantly increases fluid needs. However, studies show that even if cats drink a lot of water, they are not able to make up for the lack of fluids caused by inadequate nutrition.

Does that mean that? all dry cat food is bad? Absolutely not. The main disadvantage of this type of food is that it contains a lot of carbohydrates, which is not a valuable food for cats. Their bodies and digestive systems are suitable for predatory mammals, primarily adapted to digest animal proteins and fats. Cats also do not have many enzymes that allow them to digest carbohydrates. Therefore, their diet should not include grains, potato flour, rice or porridge. Unfortunately, if we take a closer look at the ingredients of foods available in stores, we will find such substances in them.

It’s hard for both your pet and your wallet, but it’s worth thinking about turn the cat into wet food. However, in this situation, you still need to be careful about, for example, the addition of undesirable grains in a cat’s diet. However, as a rule, grain-free wet cat food is better (more useful) than dry cat food. There are also valuable dry foods, but in this case everything is included: the more meat and its derivatives, the less bad carbohydrates, the better.

Although some owners claim that cats are great at consuming only plant-based foods, a vegan or vegetarian diet is not a very good idea for these pets. Domestic cats are carnivores by nature. In addition to meat, their diet may include vegetables. You should also pay attention to the appropriate levels of potassium, taurine, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and retinol in their diet.

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However, in vegetarian or vegan foods, plant-derived proteins do not contain enough nutrients. Existing studies do not confirm that a vegetarian diet is safe for cats. These animals are physiologically and anatomically adapted to eating meat.

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Cats can’t eat meat because of food allergies – it’s usually a special source of protein. After that, of course, the best solution is to consult a veterinarian or animal nutritionist and arrange the diet in such a way that it is individually tailored to the needs of the pet.

Although this is already quite general information, it is worth remembering We do not give milk to cats. Adult cats – like most humans – do not produce lactase, an enzyme that breaks down sugar in milk. If your pets eat them, it can cause cat diarrhea. Although milk is a source of protein, fat, vitamins and calcium, cats cannot drink enough of it to become a valuable part of their diet.

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