Can dogs and cats catch the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?

What is coronavirus and what disease causes it?

Coronavirus belongs to the family Coronaveridae. Its surface has a lipid shell with very characteristic coronary structures.

Coronavirus causes a disease that scientists call COVID-19. The disease causes cough, fever, shortness of breath, weakness and muscle aches. In extreme cases, coronavirus can cause sepsis, septic shock, and severe multiple organ failure. In extreme cases, COVID-19 causes the death of a sick person.

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Can dogs and cats be infected with the coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that dogs or cats are infected with the coronavirus. In other words, they cannot infect other people in this way. So, remember that the coronavirus does not break the species barrier.

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Unfortunately, many people have decided to get rid of pets when in doubt. Dogs and cats were abandoned in the forest or returned to shelters. Some even demanded that pets be euthanized by a veterinarian for fear of possible contamination.

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Can a dog or cat transmit the coronavirus?

Although there is no evidence that a cat or dog can be infected with the coronavirus, this does not mean that our pet cannot become an indirect source of infection. Remember that the hair of a dog or cat is the same surface as the skin of our hands, beard or clothes. If the coronavirus can be transmitted, it can also be transmitted by our dog or cat.

However, do not panic. Proper hygiene of dog and cat coats is enough to prevent infection. To reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, it is enough to clean and wash your pet more often than usual.

What are the safety rules for dogs and cats?

Although there is no evidence that pets can transmit coronavirus, there are certain safety precautions and recommended hygiene rules to keep in mind. First of all, it is worth remembering:

  1. frequent hand washing, especially after playing or hitting a pet;

  2. avoid sleeping with your dog or cat;

  3. walking away from crowded places and crowds – the best, for example, is to choose the forest.

It is also important that quarantined dog owners provide assistance in walking and caring for the dog. Another option is to place your dog in a pet hotel for two weeks, ie during quarantine.

Contact with a dog or cat during a coronavirus epidemic can be as dangerous as using a cell phone with dirty hands, touching door handles, counters, and store shelves. Keep in mind that many of the areas we touch may be contaminated with coronavirus. In order for an infected person to become an indirect source of infection, it is enough for him to cough or sneeze near various objects.

It should be noted that caring for the hygiene of a dog or cat is important not only during quarantine. You also need to use common sense to avoid harming your pet. Remember that the main route of infection with coronavirus is the drip route. So the key COVID-19 prevention It is to avoid human groups, because the greatest danger is other people.

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