Apple iPhone 13: what will it be?

Apple iPhone launches another model of its smartphone in September each year. This means that there is a lot of information on the Internet about the new phone from Cupertino with the start of the holiday. While the company hasn’t made a major revolution in years, every mention of Apple devices evokes a lot of emotion. After all, the company is a market magnate and its products are considered iconic. It is impossible to ignore Apple devices. You can love them or hate them. Both fans and haters are eager to read additional notes about the company’s new products, led by Tim Cook.

Last year, the iPhone 12 appeared in store regiments. Due to the global pandemic, the premiere of this model was difficult, and it was quite difficult to get it in stationary stores. I bought the iPhone 11 Pro myself because “twelve” were out of stock and it was not known when they would appear. It seemed like trying to get a PlayStation 5 right after the premiere. However, the year is almost over and it is time to give way to another model. Now there are rumors about the new iPhone 13, which will be released in September this year. Currently, most of the information about the new model is leaks and rumors, but they are worth paying attention to. More than once, most of the rumors came true on the day of the premiere.

The first news that came with the Apple iPhone 13 is about charging.

According to the Internet, the appearance of a new model on the market would change a lot in this area. By recognizing Apple, we would probably bet that it will delete any slot it deems unnecessary. It turns out that in this case it is something else entirely. According to reports, it will still be possible to connect a standard cable to an Apple phone. The news will be about wireless charging. This information was presented to the world by Max Weinbach, it seems that the new iPhone will have larger coils for inductive charging. To be honest, it has some advantages. Obviously, using such a function will increase the charging power, and thus improve its speed. Currently, the iPhone is charged up to 15 W, which is not some “flash” in the world of charging. In the 21st century, this could be done faster and more efficiently. After all, Apple always knows better what the user needs.

Apple iPhone 13 should have a larger induction coil, which will provide better heat distribution.

This type of heat is quite high during indicator charging. Interestingly, increasing the charging area can have another positive aspect. This will allow you to charge other devices using reverse wireless charging. Such a mechanism is already known from other devices. This is a very useful and convenient solution. Interestingly, such a function can help in very difficult situations. In such a device, we can place other devices that are compatible with wireless power transmission, and the Apple smartphone will share its power. But keep in mind that these reports are just rumors and have not yet been officially confirmed by Apple. We will have to wait a long time for some concrete. We will probably look at a large collection of rumors and leaks before the premiere. After all, such “uncontrolled” dosing of information is in fact completely free advertising.

Another innovation that will appear on the Apple iPhone 13 is shooting on a blurry background.

Let’s start with the fact that each new iPhone takes better and better photos. Especially visible in portrait modes. Right now, when you take a photo, you can really reliably get a blurry background. It turned out that such functionality will appear on the new iPhone and will be applied to video recordings. On the one hand, there is great interest, but on the other hand, one would expect such a turn of events. All according to reports of changes made to the FaceTime application. It was reported that in iOS 15, Face Time will be able to automatically capture the background behind the interlocutor during video calls. If the video blur mode is on the iPhone 13, it will not be special news. So far, however, portrait modes have performed worse in video than in photographs. I wonder how Apple will manage this feature. We will probably learn in the nearest presentation that the rumors and leaks, though small, are reflected in reality.

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