Alsas Sheepdog – characteristic features

The Alsace Shepherds were formerly called Germans. Appropriate training will prepare them to work in the army and police, and a strong and loving owner will make friends for many years. What are the distinctive features of Alsace Shepherd dogs?

alzaslı, in other words, the German is the most popular pet classified as a shepherd dog. The appearance of shepherd dogs indicates that they belong to the wolf type. Alsas Shepherd dogs had to serve the police and the army, as well as act as human friends.

Alsas Shepherd (German) – history

The first German Shepherd was Hector Linksrhein, The initiator of the cultivation of Pilot, Beowulf and Heinz von Starkenburg. Responsible for the creation of Hector Max von Stephanitzwas so impressed by the dogs that he founded the German Shepherd Society and changed the name of the breed to Horand von Grafrath. It is a common name for shepherd dogs Alsas wolf dogbut is more true for Czechoslovak Shepherd Dogs.

Today Alsace Shepherd

Shortly after World War II, the German Shepherd was renamed Alsace because the previous name had a negative connotation.

Alsace Shepherds are very obedient, loyal and intelligent pets, ready to play and protect their families. Their massive body resembles that of a wolf, so humans and other animals respect them and shun them. The shepherd dog is statistically 60-65 cm high, and for females this value decreases to 55-60 cm. The weight of dogs is 30-45 kg, the weight of female dogs is 22-32 kg.

Do pets detect the disease?

Types of Alsace shepherd dogs

Alsace Shepherds are known for their excellent films and series. Cult in the Polish series Four tankers and a dog (1966-1970) or Commissar Rexie (1994-2004) had short-haired species. From the series Commissioner Alex (1994-2004) we associate the long-haired shepherd with caramel-black. Short and long-haired shepherd dogs were registered in 2011 by the Polish Kennel Club as the official breed of Alsas Sheepdogs.

Long-haired Alsace shepherd dog

Long-haired Alsace shepherd dog In late 2010, it was not considered a tested variety because it was found to interfere with the proper functioning of long hair. This situation changed at the beginning of the following year when he was granted exhibition and breeding rights, as well as sort status.

An interesting fact is that hybridization was banned Shorthair and Longhair Alsas Sheepdogsso there are two possibilities for this tension to occur – short-haired parents have a recessive long-haired gene, or shepherds are born with long-haired litter.

These dogs are usually two-colored and have very fluffy fur. The hair of the long-haired Alsace Shepherd dog it consists of a bottom and top layer that is long, soft and fluffy. Long-haired Alsace Shepherd dogs they are mostly black and yellow, and sometimes reddish, light gray or solid. Black Alsace Shepherds are less common, otherwise black. This variety is also characterized by increased sensitivity to sunlight. White and spotted colors are not allowed in long-haired shepherd dogs.

Shorthair Alsas Shepherd Dog

Shorthair Sheepdogs come in very similar colors to their long-haired brethren, but can be more open. Shorter fur reveals a strong and muscular figure of shepherd dogs and allows the animal to be better protected from parasites. The hair of this genus is slightly longer and more abundant on the underside and back. The fur of shorthair dogs should be stiff, tight and well seated.

Alsace Shorthair Sheepdogs usually are in the following colors: black and copper, black and brown, black and yellowish or black and gray. There are also one-color coats – black or gray.

They are very similar to short hair White Alsace Shepherd Dogs, Known as the Swiss Shepherds. They look softer and less exciting. They both love to relax and play with the kids, so they are a great candidate for pets.

Alsace Sheepdogs – diseases

They are the Shepherds of Alsace prone to various diseaseswhat the potential owner should know. They are often found because they belong to large dog breeds joint diseases. The biggest birth defect of dogs hip dysplasia manifests itself in unnatural gait, frequent sitting, or rabbit-style running. Such worries make it difficult for them to survive and carry out their basic activities.

Other common diseases among this breed These include spinal degeneration, ear and skin infections, pancreatic insufficiency, and ponytail syndrome, which causes problems with urination and standing.

Older Alsace Shepherds may suffer stomach twitchingTherefore, a balanced diet and limited exercise immediately after a meal are very important in this situation.

Adequate diet for each dog, rich in minerals and nutritional values, is essential! Meat dishes should be supplemented with groats, whole grain pasta, as well as vegetables and fruits. Sweets, garlic, onions and pork choices should be avoided.

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