Agata Młynarska is pleased with SYNOWA. “You are our TREASURE. Tadek came to the BEST address” (PHOTO)

Though Agata Młynarska still appearing on television screens, now more likely to be admired on the internet. The 57-year-old runs a personal YouTube channel and is active on Instagram, where he periodically shares details of his personal life. Mynarska sometimes decides to show observers photos of her relatives: her husband and children.

Agata Młynarska She is proud of her mother of four: Sons and stepdaughters of Stanislaw and Tadeusz: Alicja and Sylwia. The journalists’ children have grown up and have their own families, and he sometimes reveals some secrets about his children’s lives to the press. In a recent Instagram post, Mynarska boasted about it how much to him the sons were happy with the chosen ones of the heart. The journalist shared a photo of his youngest son with his wife, with whom he had the opportunity to spend some time. The 57-year-old man assured The warm words of the bride are great in the role of mother-in-law.

I am very lucky! My brides are fantastic girls. Wise, beautiful, lovely. Today I was happy to meet Tadzio’s wife Silvia for 3 hours he began.

The presenter regretted not being able to meet his son and his girlfriend, Tadeusz and Sylwia, on a daily basis. because they live abroad.

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I rarely see them, they live abroad when there is a queue for them. I love their energy, their ideas, their imagination and their approach to what they do – praised the child and his wife.

In her introduction, Munarska did not hide that Tadeusz had great sympathy for his wife and could not wish a better half for his son.

I am proud of Sylwia. His maturity, calmness and smile make me feel that Tadek has landed at the best possible address! They are strong together and I know that great things await them. Dear Sylwia, thank you for being together this time. You are our treasure! – He complimented his son’s wife.

Fans of Agata Mynarska admired her warm relationship with her beloved Tadeusz. As many have pointed out, such a wonderful relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is rare …

Such a mother-in-law is a treasure; I envy such an attitude. It is a pleasure to hear such words from my mother-in-law, no doubt; It is very rare for a bride and her mother-in-law to have such a good relationship; I admire and am a little jealous. Beautiful words. Often there is no such connection; Both are beautiful girls !!! And from you, Ms. Agatko, radiates such a glow and warmth. What a wise, beautiful person you have to be in such a relationship with your bride and write about it beautifully !; This proves that the Lady is a good and wise mother. It’s great to have such relationships in the family; The mother-in-law’s beautiful words about the brides are very moving. You are a wonderful person – Internet users praised Mynarska.

See how Agatha Mynarska poses with her bride. Mother-in-law for a medal?

I would like my mother-in-law to think the same about me; D

if every mother-in-law talks about her bride, her beauty … and in general, the mothers of their sons complain about her because they feel competition in their brides 😂

well … envy. My mother-in-law is terrible and makes my life very difficult 🙁

Somehow, Agatka continued to do so!

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Let this bride live more than three hours, they will soon change their minds or they will kill each other.

I have excellent mothers-in-law, but I would not want my mother-in-law to be like my husband 😁

With tongue, fig, you can show whatever comes to mind, but come on!?. I don’t know how old Agata is, but … his face is much younger than his

What is the deletion of this opinion … OMG

The distance is convenient .. Buhaha

I also have a lovely mother-in-law and I treat her like a second mother;)

And I do not see anything strange in that. What a paroxysmal approach to make every mother-in-law a monster. “Moja” looks at me like a daughter (she has 3 sons) “Me” because we have been in a relationship for 12 years but we are not married😉 she really wanted me to talk to her mother, we understand each other very well and we talk about everything. we have secrets, he knows he can always talk to her and I even meet him to “drink and talk” 🙂 Most importantly! – He does not interfere in anything because he thinks that everyone should live as he wants and raise a child in his own way 🙂

Envy such relationships. It is a chance to build the right attitude to a wise mother-in-law. Unfortunately, I can only dream. My mother-in-law is a wolf, not a woman! It is impossible to describe how much poison it contains.

I would not change my mother-in-law 😄 She is a very beautiful woman, cheerful, helpful and modern❗

Yes, let’s wait for my grandson to show up

It’s great, they have such a wonderful relationship 👍 My mother-in-law is also a very positive person. Despite the age difference, we are like good friends. 😄 She always supports me and helps my children 👋

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