Adrian Polak: The construction scandal was PRANK and Rafalala had to pay the slander

“Construction” has recently become fashionable on the Internet. Scandal with many accusations. The excavation refers to Rafalala’s notes from a few years ago, the reaction of Nitra and the creators. How is it in reality? Hold on to something.

Even if you watch the Fame MMA 13 conference since Sunday, it is one of those fragments Amadeusz Ferrari’s argument with Adrian Polak might have missed you. Ferrari spread a rather vague rumor:

Speaking of girls, I know many girls you know who told me they sexually abused them when they were drunk.


NewsFreak and Wykop linked the fragment to a statement by Nina Kukawskaya, better known by her first name. Rafael – More than five years ago and they called it Construction Scandal. What sound recordings did Rafalala need to know and own? The fighters were allegedly having sex with a drunk and tied girl. As it turned out, the issue had to be completely different.

rafalala on Pole and Zabielski 2017.06

That’s it: Rafalala recalled it a few years ago, allegedly combining facts and trying to make sure there was a pole in the audio recording. In fact, it had to be different.


Nitrozyniak was aware of the existence of “construction film”.

Nitro in the stream commented on the subject. It turned out that the specific reaction of Nitra, to which everyone referred, should have been something else.

Mysterious video of the pole with Rafalala at Nitro Construction site

There, Zabielsky had to judge himself on the grounds that he had deceived them. In any case, Philip Zabielsky won the case and probably even sent a letter to Vardęa on Twitter stating that he had lost the case. […] I’ve already seen this second video, and it’s not scary.


According to Nitra, there were supposedly two films. The second “should not be scared” involved in this case. Wardęga confirmed that Rafalala had lost in court:

It is the place where the word of the people ends and the probabilities begin. Rafalala is a very specific person who tries to attract attention more than once or twice in the name of browsing the Internet.


Adrian Polak answers: THIS IS PRANK BRO

Pole posted a question-and-answer video on his channel, in which he explained the situation with Zabielski and the alleged use. In short: According to Qutb, the film he was a troll and a simple pillowTo irritate Raphael. Philip then sued him and won the case. Here is an abbreviation of his words in the film, the original dictionary:

Let’s go back to 2016 or 17. My friend Philip and I were at a construction meeting. We drank a little, there were girls – my friend took his friend to the site, they wrote something there. Then he wanted to show his cup to his friends. Nitro, among other things, saw it. So what? The work was stopped, several weeks and months passed.

There, a man named R shot a play with my friend Philip, and he found out that there was a construction film, so we decided to shoot it with Philip. I called to get his blessing, and of course I answered some details about Philip.


What will happen next? We made a fake movie where we allegedly kidnapped a girl and then danced Despasito. We divided it into 2 parts. We put the first one in tears and apologized, said we were disconnected from the internet through the film, and then put it in 24 hours later. And everyone laughed and saw that it was a troll. The person nicknamed R is very angry because he was trolled. Philip sued him for defamation and won the case against him.


I also received a comment from Philip that everything is “Rafalala’s slander.”


I was slandered and slandered. I won the case in court. I received an apology and compensation.

Philip Zabielski

As proof, he sent me a screen with a statement from Rafalala, a better copy of which was published by Sylwester. Case closed? It turns out. Fortunately, Konopsky did not make any accusations against those known.

Rafalala's statement
Statement by Rafalala (Philip Zabielski)

Let’s be honest: rape and abuse pranks are extremely weak. On average, this is normal, but it is claimed that the issue is clear after 24 hours. I will not accept such behavior, but everything became clear. Rafalala was taken to courtand Ferrari … mixed it up. Propsy is at the expense of the pole for quick clarification of the issue Wardęga with a cage without waiting or until the comment channels catch inba. Though Revo he is not sure that there is anything in the pole’s conscience:

It seems that the work will not end so soon, and the whole drama will continue until the octagonal collision.

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