A good goodbye to the dog

In recent years, there have been positive changes in the attitude of Poles towards animals – they realized that the animal is not a thing, it feels respected and deserves it, is free from unnecessary suffering and provides a decent living conditions. Unfortunately, the exploitation of pets continues, but it is widely stigmatized. Very few courts have sentenced animal rapists to prison. On the other hand, people treat dogs and cats as members of the household, take care of them and heal them. When the dog leaves the rainbow bridge, the whole family is in tragedy.

Animal – a friend and family member

The pet is a friend and family member. He won the sympathy of his family and lived among them for many years. People and pets become a family. We live with him in good and bad days, we are responsible for him. We surround him with unconditional care and love. A dog / cat / rabbit or rodent is our companion as children grow up and learn how to care for a pet. Unfortunately, there comes a time when the animal grows old or dies. The veterinarian is not always able to help the suffering animal, and unfortunately the animal crosses the rainbow bridge. When it’s time to leave, you can say goodbye to the hair and remember their partner. It is against the law to bury a dog or other animal in the garden, and its removal is associated with a family member of a four-legged friend. If the guardian wants to remember his wife for a long time, the cremation of the dog animaleden.pl/kremacja-zwierzat-gorzow-wielkopolski is the best solution.

It’s time to cross the rainbow bridge

The relationship between the animal and its caregivers is special – many people treat the animal as a four-legged child. It is a very difficult moment for a family that befriends an animal and has a wonderful time with it. The moment of death of a dog / cat or rodent is especially difficult if the animal is suffering a lot, the disease is progressing, causing pain and depriving the pet of its effectiveness. The human solution is euthanasia and a dignified burial in form dog cremation. Caregivers can accompany the animal, hunt it and give it a sense of security and love. The bodies are taken from a veterinary clinic or home. Owners can accompany the pet until the cremation of the dog or other four-legged animal begins and say goodbye to their beloved pet for the last time.

Two types of cremation

Pet owners can choose between two types of cremation: individual and collective. The individual cremation of a dog consists of burning an animal in a cremation chamber. This process takes up to four hours. All ashes are carefully collected and placed in a container selected by the owner. In the process of individual cremation, only the body of the animal is burned, no favorite accessories, such as blankets, toys, collars, etc. Each animal owner can attend the last farewell ceremony with a friend. then dog cremation We hand over the ashes to the owner in a bowl with the certificate of the cremation company. The certificate is signed by the person responsible for the cremation process. For those who are unable or unwilling to participate in the cremation procedure, it is possible to mark it from the moment it begins. Collective cremation, in turn, involves the burning of several animals. Burial takes place in a common grave with other animals – the owner does not accept the ashes of the animal. Some crematoria offer the opportunity to obtain a symbolic amount of animal ash during collective cremation.

Grave photo

It is possible to place a tombstone engraved with the name, date or selected expression of a pet on individual graves, and to integrate a porcelain photo. Burial of the remains takes place in the presence of the owner. The family of the dead animal may accompany him on his last journey to the grave. Animaleden.pl/uslugi cremation of a dog and burial in an animal cemetery is the solution chosen by people whose dead pet is a member of the family. The ash can be stored in silver jewelry.

Refusal of payments

There is a fee for cremation of a dog or other animal. The price depends on the choice of cremation options and the size of the animal. Exemption applies to guide dogs and veterinarians’ pets for the blind. It is a cremation of a dog who serves for free or at a discount, in uniform services or on a mountain rescue. Urine is an additional cost – its price depends on the material and size of the animal.

Animal cremation is natural in Europe. There are 23 crematoria in Germany, and in the UK there are crematoria for animals in each region. Dog cremation is a method of burying an animal with respect. The grief after the death of his four-legged friend is as great as the love that his owners gave him during his lifetime. At the crematorium, the owner is reassured because he knows that his pain and suffering are understood by the staff.

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