7 internet streaming offer in 2022

Which internet stream will be the best? We discuss the most important parameters and present 7 attractive offers from operators from all over Poland. In today’s article, we will explain whether the mobile Internet meets the requirements of Twich and YouTube users, and what optical fiber to choose for broadcasting in 2022!

Last updated: 23/02/2022.

In this article you will learn:

  • Which Internet should I choose for broadcasting?
  • Which is better for live broadcast? – fiber optic network or mobile internet?
  • Which GSM operators support broadcasters?
  • Why is it worth choosing a fiber optic network?
  • Why choose mobile Internet?

Last year’s achievements of UCL scientists, as well as Xtera and KDDI Research, leave no illusions – Using standard single-mode fiber, it is possible to transmit 178 Tb / s data over a distance of 40 km. But what is the significance of these notes, if in real conditions the flow becomes even more difficult when we choose the wrong operator and the type of Internet?

The notes show the potential of modern technology, but it can be extremely difficult to use due to aspects that scientists have no control over. Today, we will try to reflect the reality a bit more than Xterra and KDDI Research, and thus – Which Internet will we suggest to choose for streaming, and should it be fiber optic? Let’s start!

Which Internet should I choose for broadcasting? – fiber optic network or mobile internet?

Streamers provide real-time video and therefore require a stable and fast connection. This allows them to transmit live images with as low a latency as possible, which translates into direct stream quality and internet user satisfaction.

Experts of the website Komórkomat.pl claim that in 2022, the fiber network will be the undisputed leader in terms of stability, speed and uptime. However, this does not mean that the mobile Internet is worse when it comes to the streamer – just choose the right provider and the right settings, which we will tell you in today’s article!

Internet flow in 2022 – what speed should you choose?

In order to flow in 2022, the Internet must be able to transmit data in a satisfactory quality. This means that in this case, we must focus mainly on downloading, which will provide our viewers with a comfortable live broadcast.

In this case, why does download speed play a secondary role? Well, if we record any projection in real time – we share (send) the image to the audience. On the other hand, you must have a high download level to watch your broadcast. However, it is worth starting to cooperate with the operator, who offers both a satisfactory download and download, because the online game we show to the fans must be smooth, which we can achieve due to the high download speed. The following are the recommended internet types and settings for convenient broadcasting:

  • type – fiber optic network or mobile Internet
  • download – minimum 25 Mb / s
  • download – minimum 300 Mb / s

Which internet up to 4K? ->

If we choose a fiber optic network and use it ourselves – the above parameters are enough for comfortable broadcasting of any online game with a resolution of 1080p. The situation with mobile Internet is a bit different, because in this case it is worth equipping yourself at a slightly higher speed than we recommend. This is due, for example, to signal interference from our current location.

Mobile and landline internet for streaming – 7 attractive offers from operators from all over Poland!

If we decide to use a stationary Internet for streaming – we need to choose an optical fiber from UPC, Netia or Vectra. These companies offer excellent prices, hassle-free connectivity and high speeds for both downloading and uploading. Mobile Internet is extremely unobstructed on Virgin Mobile, OTVARTA, Plush and Premium Mobile. Below we present the best Internet for broadcasting from 7 operators!

1. UPC optical fiber

Regardless of the package selected – UPC fiber will be perfect for broadcast on Twich and YouTube. There are 4 options to choose from (300 Mb / s download and 25 Mb / s download up to 1 Gb / s download and 40 Mb / s download), this will be enough for even more demanding creators.

2. OTVARTA mobile internet

Mobile Internet does not have the best reputation among broadcasters. However, based on our experience, we can say with confidence that the operator OTVARTA meets the stereotypes and shows that live shooting can be comfortable even on the mobile Internet! After all, it works on Plus 5G connections.

3. Netia optical fiber

Netia’s optical fiber is a real pleasure when it comes to download speeds. Well, in the cheapest option, the operator offers us up to 50 Mb / s, and in the most expensive – up to 300 Mb / s. For comparison – the download speed in the UPC package up to 1 GB / s is only 40 Mb / s.

4. Virgin Mobile mobile internet

Virgin Mobile is a world-renowned operator. In addition to phone subscriptions, it also offers excellent mobile Internet that perfectly meets today’s streaming standards. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer to your adventure with live games or you have a lot of experience in this field – Virgin Mobile’s solutions will surely satisfy you!

5. Soft mobile internet

Some are not convinced by the Plush network. However, we believe that it is worth giving a chance to the Plus sub-brand, because the packages are really affordable and combine reliability and constant bonuses for new and current customers – the offer of mobile internet streaming from Plush is a hit!

6. Premium Mobile Internet

Premium Mobile, the latest mobile Internet for streaming in today’s ranking. It gained popularity a few years ago, when customers began to rate it for its wide range and high loading and unloading speeds. The undoubted advantage of Premium Mobile is hundreds of gigabytes with no obligation contracts and numerous add-ons (for example, 200 GB free at night).

7. Vectra optical fiber

For live broadcasts, the Vectra optical fiber will work especially well in a package recommended for download speeds of up to 450 Mb / s and 50 Mb / s. This is enough to share a comfortable image in real time and play the latest multiplatform predictions without any delay.

Which internet stream will be the best? Summary

The best Internet for streaming? Thanks to the high download speeds (50 to 300 Mb / s download) of Vectra, UPC and Netia, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of fiber optics, which is especially suitable for broadcasting live games.

When it comes to mobile Internet, Virgin Mobile, Otvarta, Plush and Premium Mobile operators will be the best choices for 2022. Remember to equip yourself with a network that offers a minimum download speed of 25 Mb / s and a download speed of 300 Mb / s.. This will allow you to broadcast and play online without any delay.

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